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My name is Marilena, and I'm a professional astrologer. Using my skills as an astrologer, I provide help, guidance and reassurance. People come to me with many different needs, ranging from simple matters such as the timing of their wedding or that big contract, to advice on which path to take in their relationships, career or... Continue Reading →

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It’s Eclipse Season: What You Need to Know

Eclipse article originally posted on The Cut.

Solar Eclipse – Will It Affect You?

A powerful solar eclipse is upon us. Should you worry about how it will affect you?

Sun/Jupiter Alignment – A Divine Alliance

A Sun-Jupiter alignment brings joy, fun, and ambition. Are you feeling proud and confident today? You will definitely do from 5:11am UT tomorrow, when the Moon enters fiery Aries. #astrology #zodiac #libra #leo #aries Where are your planets natally? Contact Marilena to find out and to get personalised advice. Details of the types of readings available... Continue Reading →

A Venus-Neptune Dance

Today's Venus-Neptune aspect creates an extra soft vibration. Love is unconditional and idealised, and everything is seen through rose-tinted glasses. A romantic date creates magic and our hearts are enveloped in dreams and feelings. Creativity gets a boost. It's tempting to lose ourselves in romance, beauty, imagination, art, but watch out for boundaries getting blurred... Continue Reading →

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – The Winds of Change

Today there is a charged Lunar eclipse in Aquarius. Lunar eclipses bring subconscious needs and emotions to light, sometimes with unforeseen consequences. Today’s event will be felt most acutely by people with planets and ascendants around 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), with triggers started two weeks ago, and ripple effects... Continue Reading →

Spicer Not Dancing With The Stars

"Sean Spicer has broken the cardinal rule: Never turn down money." This is how Mashable UK reported today's news that Sean Spicer has turned down an offer to appear on Dancing With The Stars. Allegedly, Spicer has a full speaking calendar starting this Autumn. But is that all that there is to it? His astrology... Continue Reading →

Waxing Scorpio Moon Square Sun Mars

Waxing Moon in Scorpio square Sun and Mars. Raw, emotional, intense drama and arguments. A day to count to ten! Which area of your life is it going to impact? Ask me here or on social media if you don't know! Where are your planets natally? Find out on Natal Chart Calculator, or contact Marilena for personalised... Continue Reading →

Mercury Enters Virgo

Mercury enters Virgo. Our thoughts shift from big dreams to craftsmanship, from fixed ideas to practical concerns. No detail is too small, no stone unturned. Just remember to stand back and watch the dots connect for the big picture to take shape. Do you have Mercury in Virgo natally? Please comment below, or tag your Virgo friends, and... Continue Reading →

Victim of Its Own Success – The Global Rise of Astrology

Younger generations in China are deserting their native astrology in favour of the Western zodiac. Similarly, Millennials in Western countries are also embracing astrology in ever increasing numbers. Is this a blessing or a curse for professional astrology? According to the New York Times, While concepts like the traditional Chinese zodiac are still relevant, they... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of An Earthquake – When Uranus Strikes

A deadly earthquake of magnitude 6.7 was recorded in Greece at 1:53 a.m. local time on July 21th. I was incredibly saddened to hear the news, but hardly surprised. I had been expecting a major disaster to strike exactly when it did. Last weekend I wrote on the forthcoming Uranus squares to Mars and the Sun... Continue Reading →

Mars in Leo – The Kingmaker

Do you suddenly feel bolder, more decisive, playful, and outgoing? If so, congratulations, your royal month kicks in in earnest from today at 12:19 UT with the Mars in Leo ingress! The Mars transit through Cancer likely prompted you to take action in the areas of home, family, security, and nurturing. As a masculine principle symbolising... Continue Reading →

Cloud Castles

Venus squares Neptune today. This is a highly creative day full of nostalgia and inspiration. A day of Beauty and Art, of castles built on clouds, of longing for what is not, and could have been. Don't dream your life. Live your dreams instead. Where are your planets natally? Find out on Natal Chart Calculator, or contact Marilena for personalised advice.... Continue Reading →

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Three potentially disruptive events are building up in the sky over the next few days. The highly volatile Mars-Uranus square will be exact at 1:32am UT on July 18th, to be followed by another volatile square - this time between the Sun and Uranus - in the early hours of July 21st. Uranus will then... Continue Reading →

Party Time!

The astrology for tonight's alignment between the #Moon, #Venus, and #Jupiter brings extreme FUN, laughter, high-energy, and self-indulgence. As such, this is hardly a day for hiding in a cave! It's GREAT for parties, so why not plan for one? How are you planning on spending this evening? Have you got a party planned? If... Continue Reading →

Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Pisces…

A day of escapism and letting go, of compassion, dreams, all things divine. Anger disperses, the will is forgotten. A sense of loss, nostalgia, and longing permeates our lives and blurs our hours. Emotions engulf, but can't be fathomed, like ocean waves in a truly epic journey. Water connects everything in the world. #Astrology #Zodiac #Horoscope... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Donna!

We were saddened by the news of Donna Cunningham's passing. With over 45 years of experience, Donna published more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles on astrology and other metaphysical topics. Donna was active on her highly successful blog - SkyWriter - almost until the end. The astrological community thanks you for your contribution... Continue Reading →

Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Aquarius…

A much friendlier, less emotional day, great for moving forward with plans, for putting our egos aside, and focus more on the community and humanity. Our hearts soar amongst friends and when we let your imagination spark. Flashes of understanding help us plot a new, grand vision for the future. Let friendship be your inspiration today. #Astrology... Continue Reading →

Flavour Of The Day: Full Moon in Capricorn

A dark, explosive full Moon With wilful drive and ambition Deep and violent emotions erupt Hurtful words cannot be unsaid Painful feelings of powerlessness Erode your hard-won self-confidence Take a cold, hard look at reality Focus on what CAN be fixed Our greatest glory is not in never Falling, but in rising every time we... Continue Reading →

Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Sagittarius…

A fun, dynamic, over-the-top day Perfect for travel and discovery With unstoppable physical vitality Go on an exotic adventure Dream BIG, try something new Hurtful opinions are blurted out Grand promises may get broken Just keep the big picture in mind There's always a reason to smile #Astrology #Zodiac #Horoscope #MoonInSagittarius #Sagittarius #Follow4Follow #Followforfollow

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