Mars Goes Retrograde -

Mars Goes Retrograde

Red. The colour of blood and fire. Of strength, war, and danger. Of passion, desire, and love. Our hearts beat faster, our breathing intensifies, our reactions sharpen. Hot, angry, and explosive, in 2022 red Mars will be turning back - and inward. What will it be for you?

Mars will be spending a very long time in Gemini, a full seven months, starting in August. Retrograde between October 30th and January 12th, it's not until March 15th, 2023, that it starts covering new ground in the sign. Oscillating between 25° and 8° Gemini, we'll be asked to revisit our actions and objectives of the previous two years.

How have our goals panned out since 2020? Have intellectual superiority, detachment, and cold logic really served us well in our personal ambitions? What important messages have we failed to communicate effectively? Do we need to re-plan our trajectory? Have we truly connected all the dots?

Mars in Gemini is likely to start a war of words peppered with ambiguity and miscommunication. Hyper, witty and edgy, this transit often ignites our minds with passion and drive. Spinning many plates at once, with panache, this transit is dynamic and vibrant, with lots of banter and intellectual acumen. The challenge is to stay focussed on the goal, and completing what is started, as the mental stimulus is distracting and non-stop.

Before the retrograde, on August 1st, Mars forms a triple conjunction with the North Node and Uranus in Taurus, ostensibly the most explosive alignment in 2022. A week later, on the 7th, it squares Saturn, meeting with obstacles and resistance along the way. This combustive mix will give us the push we need to expedite change on a dramatic scale. Emotions will fly, secrets will be revealed, and shocks and surprises will abound. But not without irritation.

During the retrograde, Mars will butt heads with Neptune (November 19th) before getting help from Saturn (November 28th). Neptune will increase the sense of feeling lost, scattered and depleted, while Saturn will prop us up and help us grasp the situation correctly and plan more realistically for the future. In general, throughout the Autumn/Winter 2022-3, beware of drastic U-turns and cutting words and behaviours. Frustration will be rampant, as projects and goals will seem to stall and hit brick wall after brick wall. The key is to embrace the opportunity to revisit your goals and plans, discard what is obviously no longer working, and develop a bulletproof mindset in the process.

Needless to say, the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will experience the retrograde most strongly. The US, with its Gemini Ascendant and the active Pluto return, will be going through an especially challenging time. Take extra care at this time, especially where weapons and fast cars are available. Finally, and this applies to everybody, absolutely NO SURGERY during and immediately before the retrograde. Mars rules surgery, and you don't want things to even have a remote chance of going wrong at this time. Check out my Retrograde Planets page for shadow period dates. Stay outside of those, if you can.

To understand how this energy is likely to play out for you, look to where Gemini falls in your natal horoscope. In a personal reading we would base this analysis on exact calculations specific to you, with planetary interactions uniquely tailored to your chart. However, here’s a generic taster by house based on approximate details.

Gemini/Sagittarius Ascendant - First/Seventh House Axis

This is up close and personal. It’s the battle of the ego versus relationships, of autonomy versus dependency. You now feel the need to fight for yourself, whether in terms of your looks, how you present yourself, the impact you make on others, or your general direction in life. Have you neglected your needs in favour of those of others recently? Have your priorities changed? Has a relationship or partnership come to a natural conclusion? What or who are you ready to fight for or let go of? How can your needs be met without clashing with that important person in your life? A major argument or negotiation may feel inevitable. The challenge is finding a harmonious approach while still taking optimal care of your needs and wants.

Taurus/Scorpio Ascendant - Second/Eighth House Axis

The focus is on your finances and sense of self-worth. Maybe you’ve been re-assessing how secure you feel financially. Excessive expenses may be concerning you. Somebody may be leaning on you for support, monetary or otherwise. Does sharing make you uncomfortable? Is the balance of give and take right for you? Or perhaps what you value and what you own are under question. You want absolute truth, you’ve been asking all the hard questions. Is this about power and control? Only you can answer that.

Aries/Libra Ascendant - Third/Ninth House Axis

Communication, studies, beliefs, and travel are hot topics right now. Perhaps you’ve had an argument with a neighbour or sibling, or you’re just fed up with all the calls and emails you’ve been getting recently. You’ve been pulled into too many directions at once, and everybody wants something of you. An important document could inflame you, or you could be asked to take a stand or go on a journey. If you have legal dealings under way, there could be a complication, or a breakthrough. You are burning for adventure, and to go away! Or you might be ready to finish a course of studies or a writing project. In any case, this is a good time to give it all you've got, and make your feelings known.

Virgo/Pisces Ascendant - Fourth/Tenth House Axis

Are you fed up with the imbalance between your work and your home life, between your private and public persona? Is your family or work taking up excessive time and energy? A major argument might be on the cards at home, or perhaps it's time to fix your house. You might have an important realization of what you truly need to feel safe and comfortable. There might be a breakthrough that gives you a strong sense of belonging, or that connects you with your family or ancestors. Career matters come to a head, with sudden changes of direction possible, culminations, or clashes with people in authority. You may be asked to take charge of an important role or situation.

Leo/Aquarius Ascendant - Fifth/Eleventh House Axis

Have you neglected love, fun, play, and friends recently? Is it time to revisit a personal project, hobby, or a fling? Perhaps a love affair or personal project has reached a new intensity. The need for love and self-expression is strong, and you will not give up easily. You want to play hard and have fun, yet, your children or friends might be especially demanding at this time, and you may be feeling unfulfilled. You might have a heated heart-to-heart with your friends and decide it’s time to move on, or join a new group that is more in synch with your intellectual, humanitarian or social aspirations. Thoughts of your future seem to be all-consuming right now.

Cancer/Capricorn Ascendant - Sixth/Twelfth House Axis

Daily routine, health, work, and the mind-body connection are highlighted. You put a lot of effort into your diet and exercise routine. Work is especially stressful. You may have an overwhelming need to be alone, and focus on your inner life instead. The energy you now put into therapy, or to deal with suppressed emotions, pays dividends. Not a time for high energy and action, more for dreams, inspiration, diving into the subconscious, and recharging. Pets may also be giving you cause for concern.



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