Spark Astrology

“The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness.”



Astrology writer, speaker, and consultant

I love to bring clarity to people through astrology

Understanding your world — both within and without — has the potential to spark a quantum leap in your life. As a professional astrologer, I can offer a whole new perspective for you, and arm you with confidence and knowledge on how to tackle challenges, when to act for best results, and how to benefit from any circumstance.

A life-long student of astrology, I started reading charts in the 1990s. More recently, I formalised my training at Deborah Houlding’s School of Traditional Astrology and Frank Clifford’s London School of Astrology.

I am an associate member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI). I have been on the committee for the Astrological Lodge of London, and am now on the Board for the Astrological Association of Great Britain (AA). Examples of my work for the latter can be found on the AA’s YouTube channel, where you can watch my interviews with leading astrologers.

My articles have been published in the Astrological Journal and IAM Infinity Astrology Magazine. I am available for business and personal consultations as well as talks, workshops, events, and publications. Check out my Live Events page for upcoming lectures and webinars.

I was instantly attracted to Vesica Piscis, the two circles overlapping in my logo. People have told me it radiates energy. So I decided to do some digging around. This is what I discovered.