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My name is Marilena. Using my skills as an astrologer, I provide clarity and confidence in your next steps. People come to me with many different needs, ranging from personal matters such as the timing of your wedding, relationship advice, and career or personal growth, to business guidance on how to build profitable plans, make decisions, and stay one step ahead of the competition. I can help you understand what is happening to you or your business, help you realise your strengths and opportunities, and advise you on how to capitalise on the cosmic horizon for you and your world.

Astrology has been my passion for almost thirty years. Over my life I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in steering people through the hardest of times. An astrological reading of your unique time and place of birth can radically transform and re-energise your life, whether you’re striving for professional success, a more rewarding relationship, personal growth, or just peace of mind.

My consultations condense years of inner exploration into brief, rewarding sessions, powerfully accelerating any previous therapy or coaching. In addition to astrology, I am an experienced business mentor and NLP practitioner. As a life coach, my goal is to help you unblock any self-limiting beliefs, understand what your true needs, strengths and motivations are, and inspire you to live a more fulfilled life.

I can provide both one-off sessions or ongoing mentoring and guidance, depending on your needs and finances. Please feel free to get in touch for friendly, confidential advice on whatever is weighing on your mind.

Interested in an astrological consultation?

A reading with a professional astrologer can give you clarity and confidence in your next steps, and arm you with knowledge on how to tackle challenges, when to act for best results, and how to benefit from any event.

Contact me to get personalized advice, understand the present, expand your awareness, and prepare for future opportunities. Details of the types of readings available can be found under Services.

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