Natal Chiron In The Houses -

Natal Chiron In The Houses

Because Chiron is a slow-moving object, taking fifty years to complete a revolution around the Sun, the zodiac sign it occupies carries less significance in an individual’s life than the astrological house tenanted in the native’s chart.

The house it occupies, on the other hand, indicates the circumstances in which the wound manifests; the sign only points to its general nature. As such, the two (signs and houses) are not interchangeable; however, some general themes of Chiron in Taurus may be gleaned from listening to Chiron in the Second House, for example.

Below is a detailed description by house. But let’s start first with a bird’s eye view of the themes and behaviours expressed by Chiron in a particular house:

CHIRON-by house, sign and aspect

As a child there is likely to be a wound when it comes to personal identity, mind or physical body. At a young age you are a seeker asking questions such as: “Who am I? Why don’t I fit in with the world around?’ Why am I not like other people?’ and ‘Why do I feel like the odd one out in my family?’ As you mature you realise that you are a maverick. You march to your own tune and this sometimes results in feelings of loneliness. While you may deal with people on a regular basis, you never feel quite at home in the world like others, you always feel sort of like a ‘stranger in a strange land’, and may come across as a bit of a loner. 

The first impression others have of you is that you cannot be categorized. Others may sometimes feel that you look familiar, but they can’t put their finger on the reason. Your eyes have a look about them as if you were from somewhere else, which is, of course, because in many ways that is how you have always felt. This wound, about who you are, gives you a refusal to let any obstacle interfere with your pursuit of personal growth. Overcoming obstacles and resolving problems, in fact, is one way in which you discover yourself. 

The key to self-acceptance is to find a sense of belonging through healing, teaching or a role that enables you to express your unique gifts. You have a special knack for opening doors for others because you think ‘outside of the box’. Though you have the feeling that you do not quite ‘fit’ in conservative society you also recognise the common thread with everyone you meet and that is emotional truth. No matter how people express themselves in their own community you know that everyone shares the same common feelings and that everyone is connected to everyone else. This gives you a passion for equality, not just for yourself, but also for everyone. 

Because of this need to find out who you are, it is imperative to you that your integrity is beyond question. It hurts you intensely if anyone ever does cast aspersions on your ethics or motives. However once you accept your own unique nature you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to alternative healing, metaphysical pursuits such as astrology and teaching.


Chiron in the second house suggests that your experience of physical security may have been alien to you in your earlier years. Financial hardship or insecurity may have left its wound on feeling resourceful or valued. However the opposite could also be true of this placement; financial wealth and prosperity may have left you feeling an outsider. This archetypal presence in your life suggests that you might feel marginal to other’s values, especially the familial values you inherited. In turn this affects your attitudes towards money and security, what you do to earn your income.

However this archetype has woven itself into the fabric of your life, it suggests that in the realm of finances, money, income and resources you have felt outside the system and this feels like a wound you need to heal. On a psychological level this suggests that familial values may have damaged your sense of personal worth and value and influenced your vocational direction. Earning your living and finding your place in the world will be part of your healing process. Therefore it is important to reflect on your vocational urges and attitudes towards money to uncover the patterns that may contribute to your feeling impoverished. Ironically Chiron suggests that you will be masterful at helping others recover their sense of personal power and self-esteem. Therefore it is possible that you will feel compelled to help others who feel disadvantaged or volunteer for working with the underprivileged. 

While you may feel handicapped in your own way, destiny has placed you in the path of others who need your guidance, wisdom and support. Therefore it is possible that you could earn your living working with refugees, the homeless, the disabled or social work vocations which aid the underprivileged and the outcast. Vocationally you could also be drawn to a myriad of holistic healing professions or alternative healing practices, which attempt to work with body and mind. Or at some point you might earn income using other new age healing modalities life channelling and Reiki as well as time honoured traditions such as dream therapy or astrology that use imagery and symbols as a healing tool. Chiron was also a mentor and teacher and therefore is also connected with mentoring professions such as counsellors, mentors, inspirational teachers and guides. This aspect of your horoscope suggests that earning your income and developing an authentic and appropriate relationship to money and the material world be a healing boon for you.

As a young child you are likely to have had periods of low self-esteem. These may have been as a result of adult caretakers not fully understanding your true nature. Alternatively circumstances may have conspired to knock your self-confidence. For instance if your family had a low income then you may have compared yourself to your young peers and felt lowly. A sense of being poor in money, if not poor in spirit may have pervaded your childhood. It is important to understand that these things were beyond your control. However as a result, as you mature you are on a quest to develop your own sense of self-worth. This lack of worth may also be tied into early-childhood poverty or other problems associated with money.

The good news is that once you start to build your confidence and become aware of what direction you are going in life, you have the ability to draw upon unimaginable resources. Your desires are extremely powerful and you truly feel that nothing can stand in the way of the gratification of those desires. If your early child hurts have not healed, then this can give you the urge to control everything in your possession, which can even include friendships and relationships. As the healing proceeds, you are then able to let go.

You may also be on an ongoing quest for people whose personal values are the same as yours, and your attitude towards money and possessions is quite unique. There are lessons to be learned about money, possessions, values, and other forms of personal resources, but once you have learned these lessons there is often a need to help others who are poor or needy in some way. In some cases you may also have a tendency to be too generous, to give too much away. If this is the case then you need to be sure that you value your own self-worth as well as others. This way you can make clear decisions about when and how to donate or lend money.

As you mature you are then capable of total immersion in your work to the point where you become extremely skilled in one or more specific fields. You are inventive choosing work that requires a good deal of technical skill, and an increase in management ability. Once you have found something you truly value, or something you feel is truly worthwhile, you take it quite seriously and it provides you with a great sense of personal power and an air of authority.


This placement is often found when siblings or cousins were severely ill or disabled. Alternatively, there may be a childhood wound related to speaking, writing and learning.

There is an innate belief (which goes back to childhood) that all things are possible. Relationships of all kinds are always on your mind. By that, not only relationships with other people, but how all things relate to each other. Some people with this position have a sense of humour that can be considered dirty-minded, which stems from the importance of relationships, but the more spiritual types have risen above this type of thinking. No matter what social level you are on, you have an ability to think like, and communicate with, the common person. Even the more spiritually minded types with Chiron in this position are usually noted for their good sense of humour. 

There is a wound when it comes to how you think, and communicate. Perhaps you were castigated for not ‘thinking right’, or for the way you expressed yourself. Or perhaps being told that you shouldn’t allow your mind to go in certain directions wounded you. As a result of this wound, you develop a strong bent not to allow any limitations to stand in the way of your mental processes, and you let your thoughts roam everywhere, even to the taboo. Your logical mind is not confined solely to logic; your mind is very closely linked to your emotions, your instincts, and other areas; and your emotions are very easily aroused. There is an urge to be a mental experimenter, and you have a fast mind with a mental versatility. Often controversial in thought and word, you are usually straightforward, and possess a unique writing style.

Your thoughts go beyond any boundaries, even the boundaries that help you distinguish between an inner and an outer self and environment. So much so that your judgement over this division is extremely dependent on the moment; you may decide, at this moment that there is no division; in the next moment you may decide that the division is very real. There is the concept of defence mechanisms if you have grown up with a totally maverick view of the relationship between self and environment; your method of adapting to the latter would naturally be maverick as well. Thus, your logical mind is not confined to logic, it is also closely linked to your emotions.


There is a wound here that comes from your earliest experiences with your family. Or passed down from generation to generation down your ancestral line.  It may be a wound that came because you felt totally abandoned by at least one parent or primary caregiver. (Perhaps you are one of the many children who grew up without one of your parents, or with one parent who didn’t have time for you, or who openly seemed to reject you.) Or it may be that you felt like an outcast, a stranger, amongst your own family or extended family, as though you were just in the wrong place. Another possibility is that illness, disease, disability were part and parcel of life at home. It could be because one of your close family was rejected and outcast for some reason, perhaps because physically or mentally challenged, or looked down upon by other people, and you felt their pain quite deeply. I have clients with this placement who were displaced due to war, and thus lost the connection with their own line and homeland.

As a result, you grew up wanting very much to be ‘accepted’ by family, but with a fear of the pain of rejection if you fail at what you attempt. You also grew up without a sense of home as a secure base. This innate insecurity may today be causing you to struggle to find where you belong, where to plant roots, and where to create a home. Not knowing where you belong leads to a sense of detachment from your instincts and intuition. In order to compensate, you may sacrifice your own needs in order to be a part of a relationship, group, or community.

Others may view you as moody or emotionally unavailable because you may internalize your feelings of insecurity or uncertainty instead of verbalizing them. Or you may close yourself off from life entirely and isolate. You may be overly self-protective or hypersensitive to life. Or you may feel so entirely alone and unimportant that your own life may feel pointless. Please seek professional help if that’s the case. I know people whose life has been turned around when they sought professional help.

How to heal

Develop kindness, acceptance and compassion for yourself, for the child and adolescent you once were. Give yourself what your parents and close family couldn’t – unconditional love, a safe space, a nurturing support network. You deserve to be loved, and to feel safe in your skin. 

Connect with the loving mother within you and find a safe home within yourself. you can experience a deeper sense of connection to home as a safe place. Create a living space of comfort that reflects your personality. The creation of home as a safe and secure place is a cornerstone, or building block, from which you can find comfort, replenishment, nourishment, and rest. 

Spend time de-cluttering. Donate or sell items you don’t need or use anymore. Revisit this decluttering process twice a year, or more frequently—for instance, with the changing of the seasons. Energy flows more freely through spaces that have room for its flow. Depleting emotions hang around stagnant and congested spaces. Set the intention of purifying your home from stagnant, negative energy. Cleanse with sage, or whatever method works for you. It’ll feel so good afterwards.

Look after your home in all ways that soothe your emotions. This could be cleaning, as well as repairs, painting, new furniture, new lights, new bedding, new pillows, cushions, rugs, plants, curtains, etc. You will feel more connected to it, and this in turn will energize you from deep within.

Create good vibes in the home with the help of good people. Invite people with good energy into your space regularly, say once a month. Have a potluck, play games, watch movies, or host a book club. A house becomes a home when it is filled with love, laughter and good memories. It’s enlisting others as your accountability partners.

“I trust myself to be at home wherever I am.”

“I’m creating a home of love.”

“I am my own home.” 

“I am safe.” 

“I value myself.” 

“I am important.”


This placement can be connected with unique artistry and creativity, which is expressed in a sensitive and soulful manner. You are one of a kind. You do not want your creativity to be influenced by anyone else. You tend to be uninhibited and yet also sensitive. There is frequently an ‘anything goes’ attitude in the way you express yourself. No rules govern your creativity, and your style is totally your own. You are the type of person who will have a certain something that lives on after you have passed on. There is something so totally unique about you that people know whom you are talking about when someone mentions this quality, mannerism or creation of yours.

It is your inner child which carries your deepest wounds. One, or both, of your parents had low self-esteem. Perhaps they did not truly value themselves. Growing up, you had to deal with this energy, as their low self-worth expressed itself in the way they treated you. In one way or another, you picked up the message that you also were worth very little (which hurt you deeply). The child within you was crippled, unable to express itself uninhibitedly and it is from the inner child that one’s creativity comes. Thus, you grew up with an inner child very much wanting to express itself, yet it was buried deep within.

As a result, you have major lessons to learn about nurturing this inner child, and loving yourself. And as you grow up, these lessons can come through the children that you are in contact with. Should you have children of your own then there will be something unique about them which brings these lessons home. It may be that they have unique physical issues which demand that you devote more time to them than you planned, or unique personality issues.  In one way or another, you will have to face again the pains you experienced growing up, and be called on to show the love and nurturing to the children in your life that you did not experience as a child. These lessons will change your whole lifestyle, and as you heal, you will also give yourself the right to express yourself, and your creativity will blossom.

There may also be major lessons to be learned through lovers, and there will be problems until you learn to truly love that inner child. Basically, you cannot give of yourself to another until you can do so without reservation. Your low self-esteem ties up all of that loving energy that needs to be shared in a relationship. So you will learn how to love yourself more through interacting with lovers.

The major key with your wounds, in addition to learning to love your inner child, is to learn to forgive those who hurt your younger self. Only by forgiving can you release yourself from all that binds you.

This position often creates the opportunity to add a whole new career after pursuing one career for many years, yet frequently keep the old one as well. You have a strong competitive streak, lots of enthusiasm for your field, and if you need to train for something you train hard. Many people with this position are known for their sharp or caustic wit. There is often a strong bent towards trying to create a totally realistic style. You are one of the true defenders of self-expression and freedom of thought.


There is a wound here, although likely buried and not consciously noticed, related to being of service and feeling important or useful. Perhaps you were accused of thinking too much about yourself; in some extreme cases, the opposite occurs and a person is accused of not paying enough attention to his or her own needs. But there is a great pain attached, so that you may fear being selfish (or at least appearing so), and yet you may also fear being used.

Another side to this wound focuses on duty, responsibility. Perhaps you were made to feel that you were just not being responsible, or perhaps way too much weight was placed on your shoulders far too young, and too much was expected of you. You may fear expressing yourself too much, as this could be seen as too self-interested. 

This position pushes you to be a hard worker, and the more you heal, the stronger your sense of duty and responsibility become. You also develop an increasing desire to help others, and may even find that you are gifted with healing abilities of your own. You are amongst the most helpful, giving, and healing of people, once you learn to deal with your own wounds.

Speaking of healing, you probably have unusual, even unique, health issues. Perhaps medication that works well for others has an opposite effect on you (a stimulant relaxing you, for example), or perhaps you have some health issues which defy traditional explanation or healing methods. But your own unique health concerns make health an important issue, and could very well lead you to help others medically. 

Another expression of the wound is a strong need to make not just a contribution but also a unique contribution. This can push you to develop your own unique skills to the point where you are an expert in your field. If healing has not begun, you can become brooding, withdrawn, and even pessimistic. You compare everyone to yourself, and see others as either inferior or superior to you. It is only by healing that you are truly able to see others as equals.


Chiron in the house of one-on-one relationships may indicate a partner whose life is marked by illness, pain or healing, or that you are hypersensitive to how others see you and receive what you have to offer. You will feel worthy of rejection or not worthy of love when you reach out to others and find them to be unavailable. If you take it personally, you will vibrate a painful frequency that will attract more people being unavailable. Underneath whatever you’re wanting or needing from another person is a sense that if he or she responds, then you’re valid and worth love.

The major learning curve with Chiron here is to take apparent rejections in stride and not let them define your willingness to accept, love, and validate yourself. It’s time for you to learn that everyone’s susceptible to feeling unloved sometimes and all of us reach out to others to feel less lonely, but you need to validate yourself – and decide with certainty that you’re lovable no matter what – before others will be available to share love with you. Be wary of getting into or staying in relationships because you’re chasing a sense of safety and security you believe will come from another person. Only you can love yourself in the ways that you need and when you do, relationships can become celebrations of being together, not desperate attempts to stave off loneliness.

You want to be exclusively what you are, you don’t want your creativity to be influenced by anyone else. As a result you are keenly aware of how you differ from each person you relate to on a one-to-one basis.You tend to be uninhibited and temperamental, and there is frequently an ‘anything goes’ attitude in the way you express yourself. No rules govern your creativity, and your style is totally your own. 

You are the type of person who will have a certain something that lives on after you have passed on. There is something so totally unique about you that people know whom you are talking about when someone mentions this quality, mannerism or creation of yours. You have major lessons to learn through children and/or lovers, and these lessons will change your whole life-style, once learned. Some of your deepest wounds centre on your creative abilities, and/or your rights to be able to express yourself as you are naturally inclined. These wounds can cause you difficulty in expressing your creativity until you can learn to heal from them, and forgive those who gave you the wounds. 

You will likely have the opportunity to add a whole new career after pursuing one career for many years, yet may keep the old one as well. You have a strong competitive streak, lots of enthusiasm for your field, and if you need to train for something you train hard. You may also be known for your sharp or caustic wit. There is often a strong bent towards trying to create a totally realistic style. You are one of the true defenders of self-expression and freedom of thought. 

You don’t like having to deal with people in any set pattern or order: their approach is, typically, a non-discriminatory process when dealing with others. Your need for contact with people is powerful, especially with the opposite sex. Cooperation; however, is difficult and competitiveness strong, especially with members of the same sex. You need to be seen as ‘just as good as’ anyone else, especially with any other in the same field of activity or interest.You are often highly strung in temperament which can be a useful tool when drawn into a debate being unyielding in argument.

You are strongly opinionated, especially when the debate turns into a crusading ‘urge’. Apart from being openly controversial, sometimes aggressive, often sharp tongued, usually loquacious, you can also be quite candid when putting across your views to any opponent.Your ability to improvise is strong; often turning your personality into that of flamboyance with the skill of being the clown.

Your siblings or other members of the family group play an important part in your life; especially when matrimony is in the air. If marriage is in the limelight of the moment and is opening up new experiences for them you are there to act as host and toastmaster, depending on circumstances at the time; even mediator if there is a breakup in a relationship with family concerns.

You may be the healer or teacher in the health concerns of your partner; you may even be the mediator in a business partnership that has become untenable thereby healing any rift that has become manifest; teaching that partnership is about trust in one another. This approach can alleviate any possibility of creating enemies by using the potential of diplomacy and wisdom. As much as you may be disinclined to participate in party machinations, you are able in fact to teach political opponents the wisdom of diplomacy, healing party factions that are in array and communicating in a manner that is civilized, creating a far better form of governing so that the interests of the community are paramount in having a harmonious society.


You have some life lessons in the area of self-control, and perhaps, about getting into trouble due to a lack of it. You are much closer to all of your (for want of a better phrase) primitive drives than other people, and your lesson is either because you had difficulty keeping the raw energy channelled as a child and were castigated because of it, or because you tried to keep your desires hidden and were criticized for this, or it may be because you felt fear of being violated as a child by someone close to you.

You have very strong drives, powerful animal instincts, but you have to spend much of your early years learning self-discipline, in order to use the energy constructively. To heal, you must get reacquainted with your deepest, most primitive drives and face them, and even the ones you have been told are not acceptable.

There are major lessons to learn about the concepts of “mine vs yours”, and this can translate as you go out into the world with serious issues about shared resources.  It may be that you attract people who lay the whole burden of handling the shared resources on you, or expect you to provide all of the support in the relationship, or on the other hand you may find yourself attracted to people who seem to want to take total control keeping you from having any say. These could be material resources, but they may also be empowerment. Either you are expected to take all control upon yourself, or not given the credit for being able to take charge in any way.

Another area where major lessons will be learned is intimacy and trust, but this stems from the same wounds of “mine vs yours”. You can tell the healing is beginning when you find yourself involved with people where there is much more of an equal sharing of resources and power. As the healing process begins, there is a basic ‘coolness’ or sophistication around you. Yet others often see hints in your behaviour that, beneath this calm exterior, there is the potential for you to become quite volatile. Still, others often see you as having a sense of calm self-assurance and conviction and as having a basic animal magnetism no matter what your actual physical looks are.

Intimacy problems may at times be of a more physical nature. Because your drives are closer to the surface than those of other people, you have a very strong sex drive. Or perhaps there is an impediment in this arena. But as you heal from your wound, you have the ability if you choose to transcend your desires (sexual and otherwise) in ways others might not even fathom. And likewise, because you are more in touch with your own inner strength, you have the potential to be a powerful force, both in your own life, and in the world around you.

You are quite perceptive about the desires of others, and the more you heal, the more deeply you are able to read others, even at their deepest level. If you have not healed, you could find yourself using your perceptiveness to try and control others, but as you heal you will be drawn to want to help others as you tune into what makes them tick.  In addition, painful relationships, sometimes the death of a loved one, teach you great lessons and you become able to help others through their own repressed desires, and to deal with their deep fears.

And you are drawn to the hidden, the dark, the mysteries of life, and gain the greatest sense of reward from exploring the unknown.


This is a wound of belief systems. You seek to understand what needs to be done in order to bring about healing, and feel a strong push towards higher learning, searching for meaning and understanding. But there can be a wound here because when you were growing up people tried to instil in you the need to find an almighty truth, or some central belief system that would cover any/everything you run across. The wound may be because your parents tried to force you to blindly accept a belief system that simply made no sense to you, or it may be because your parents were themselves in conflict over what was ‘truth’ and you were torn by their incompatibility of their convictions, or it may be that you were given no guidance at all in what to believe and you have an emptiness you need to fill. As a result, there can be a feeling that you must find, and stick to, some core belief come hell or high water. If the wound is not healed, it can cause you to have a narrow philosophy in life and in the extreme cases then it can produce an urge to convince others of what you feel is the absolute truth. You may hold on so tight to your version of the truth, fearing change so that you develop an ‘us versus them’ mentality, the pain so intense that you close off and try to remake the world to fit your philosophy.

But for those who truly seek self-understanding, the urge, the need, is still to find an overriding truth, and the quest is to go anywhere, everywhere, to find it, and the ability to sense others who also have such a hunger for learning. The more you seek healing, the more the potential expands to help others.

You have your own direction, your own path, one that is uniquely your own. In the direction you choose to go in, you develop a talent for finding and understanding basic laws, general principles and the underlying significance of a situation; the root, basic meanings which are often hidden from others. You also can work with these in ways that are quite unbelievable, synthesizing them into more complex patterns, or finding ways to explain them to others in words that an ordinary person can understand. Or you may not use words as your medium but find some other way of communicating your in-depth understanding of symbols. It often comes out as a talent for simplifying technical explanations, an ability to ‘tune-in’ on the current topics of today, a talent for really identifying with the audience, a desire to teach, or a fantastic ability to persuade (or mold public opinion).


Chiron here indicates a wounded ambition or authority figure, or a career in the spiritual and healing modalities. Your relationship with one parent was full of pain and conflict. This was most likely either your same-sex parent, or the parent you associated the most with the world beyond your home. Many astrologers also link this 10th House of the Birth Chart with your mother.

In any event, until you have begun to heal the wound, it will tend to manifest either as a compulsive need to achieve perfection or as a rejection of even trying to succeed. Once you feel that you have found your ‘field’, Chiron tends to make you drive yourself hard, perhaps keeping gruelling schedules. When you find your ‘purpose’, and speak of it, you can almost come across as if you were lecturing like a preacher. And yet, until the wound is healed, you may always (in the back of your mind), think that something is missing, or that you are not really doing all you can do. No matter how high you fly you still feel that you do not deserve your success.

In some cases this placement of Chiron can indicate that you achieve much in your chosen career but that others receive the accolades and recognition for your hard work.You are gifted with charisma, and wit, although the wound tends to make your humour of the self-deprecating kind. And the public knows you for your willingness to go beyond because you feel the urge to take care of others. One of the positive energies here is that you are known for having ‘something extra’ which makes you stand out as a maverick, or for not having something which others in your field have which also makes you stand out.

Your key to healing the past is to fully accept your gifts, to imbue your chosen profession with meaning. In some cases this may mean working in an alternative career. Once you accept your imperfection and love yourself, as well as your chosen profession then you are truly in a position to heal, lead or teach others.


Major lessons include choosing friends and associates wisely, learning how to deal with the manner in which other people express their own unique abilities and talents, understanding children other than their own, and fitting versus non-fitting into society. Or it may literally indicated friends who are outcast, perhaps because ill or just not fitting into mainstream society.

It may be that as a child you were made to feel so ‘different’ from your peers that no one wanted you around, or it may be that your parents or other authority symbols tried to force you to fit in and came across as quite judgemental if you did not. There is an intense fear of rejection buried within that can greatly influence your relationships when connecting with groups of people. 

Until you learn the lessons the universe wants to teach you, you can feel that you might not ‘fit’, be accepted, that you bury what makes you unique, submerge it, seeming to lose yourself.  Or you may feel pushed in the other direction, to make SURE you are nothing like other people.  You can attract to you friends who take advantage of you, or drain you. Or your strong need to fill a neediness could cause you to ask quite a lot from those who befriend you.

You may find yourself compulsively searching for friends, or feeling impelled to join groups especially groups that either want to change the world, or that have other ‘higher’ motives, but under these urges is an inner fear of loneliness. The urge to participate in society is unusually strong.  And yet at the same time you can feel quite a bit of discomfort in large groups, or social situations.

In order to heal you have to come to terms with the fact that in some ways, you are quite different than everyone else, but in other ways you are connected to others.  Healing begins when you accept that it is your differences that make you valuable, and that being different is a good thing.

And as you begin to find your differences a blessing, you will start to discover your own unique role, not just as part of any groups you belong to, and not just in your circle of friends, but in society as well.  And then you can become a maverick (one who does not ‘wear the mark of the herd’).

Until you find a totally unique role the need to ‘fit’ to be part of society, will usually manifest in one of two ways: either a marked conservative streak, or a total disillusionment with society. You may have the feeling that others see you as a loser, and reject you. You could end up feeling that society itself is doing the rejection.

You can tell yourself you want to be apart from it all, yet feel pain when you end up feeling alone, isolated. If you have not succeeded in accepting your special, unique qualities you tend to undervalue your accomplishments, come across as way too modest about your own achievements.

But you have the potential to be a leader amongst your peers, and at the very least are quite aware of their needs and desires. In fact, once you find your own unique niche, you may become the hub or centre for a whole group of people, leading the way down a different path, or bringing together people with a common goal. Or you may simply go your own way, and others are drawn to this path and come along with you. And even when you are not the leader, per se, you will find that you serve as a catalyst, stirring people, or groups, to change in positive ways.

Deep inside you want very much to be a problem-solver, so you may become interested in science as a result, or a healing profession.


You tend not to see your amazing potentials, having a blind spot here. In fact, you tend to not see the truths about yourself, both about abilities and your problems. It is here you find your greatest wounds. It may be that you were made to feel that you could not trust your ability to judge yourself, or it may be the other extreme where you were expected to place such high standards on yourself that you felt you could never live up to those standards. You may not even be fully conscious of how you were hurt. There is a fear of looking at yourself too closely, which can make it difficult for you to see all that you are capable of doing. Along with it comes a fear that the truth about you might come upon you unexpectedly, and that it will be painful or at the very least, unpleasant.

The wound gave you an intense need to learn the truth, especially when the truth is hidden behind apparent reality. Your fear that some door may open presenting you with a truth when you are totally unprepared gives you the need to always try to learn as much as you can on every subject possible. It also makes you a true experimenter who loves to find another door to open. You always have at least one goal to work on, and the more you grow, the more your desire to learn and increase the foundation of knowledge grows as well. 

Another side to your wound is a fear of being pigeonholed, of being forced to fit in some role where you are only a shadow of all that you could be. You can be your own worst enemy at times because it is more important for you to be true to yourself than fit in, which can cause others to see you as being on an opposing side (even when you have no interest in being the opposition).

You have within an intense spirituality, shaped by an awareness of so much that is unseen. You could almost have written the Shakespearean lines, “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” The more you heal, the more you are aware that the universe is filled with greater laws than those which are visible only through the five senses, and greater power than any which humans are capable of completely understanding.

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