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Jupiter in Aries

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right!”

Henry Ford, 1947

As a life coach, I am reminded everyday of how our life is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts determine our emotions, our emotions our actions, our actions, our results. It is not surprising then that if you change your beliefs, you can radically transform the trajectory of your life.

Jupiter’s ingress into Aries heralds the end of subtlety. This transit is all about self-belief and going for what you want. It kick-starts a new, dynamic phase of our collective lives, as we leave behind the last 12 years. What progress have you made since 2010-11? How has your life changed since then? What themes emerged during its last stint in the sign? These are breadcrumbs for the next few months.

In life, your ambitions, self-belief, optimism, sense of joy and fun are all signified by Jupiter. This is the planet that rules beliefs and the higher thoughts that engender them. It is the antithesis of Saturn. Whereas the latter wants you to be cautious, serious and steadfast, Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, aiming higher and having fun. It is also about higher learning, spirituality and healing, so many blessings are possible if you embrace its spirit.

In Aries, Jupiter magnifies the influence of Mars. Our desires will dominate throughout this time and action will precede – if not replace entirely – due diligence and political correctness. Get ready for increased energy, tempo, and optimism, but also for fearlessness, aggressive behaviours and incendiary moves. The fight for independence and self-assertion will go up a few notches.

We need to watch the Red Planet closely during this transit. As well as conjuncting Jupiter only days after it ingresses the sign, at the end of May, Mars will also conjoin Uranus and square Saturn in the summer. With Jupiter backing it up, danger and confrontation will likely escalate. How will this incendiary line up affect you, personally?

As well as Aries, the winners this time are people with strong Fire energy – Leo and Sagittarius – as well as all the Cardinal signs – Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. If you have planets and especially the angles of your chart in these signs, expect tremendous momentum, self-belief, determination, healing, luck and progress in your life. This is the time to dream big, focus on the positive and seize all the opportunities that come your way. Staying at home moping will see this transit pass you by, regardless of sign or natal chart potential. So get out there and aim for the sky – something good will come of it.

At a personal level, Jupiter transits in your horoscope highlight the areas of joy, growth and opportunity for the year. Jupiter is after all the significator of Vision, Progress and Hope in your natal chart. If it connects directly with an important part of your horoscope, the effect is likely to manifest much more strongly. Which house has Aries in your chart? This house will be blessed with expansion, healing and opportunity during this phase. Work out which one it is using my free house calculator.

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