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Pluto in Myth

Pluto in Myth and Astrology

Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is the most powerful planet in astrology. Like the Lord of the Underworld in ancient mythology, this dwarf planet is ruthless, implacable and uncompromising. Everything you hide – from yourself and others – has a Plutonian undertone. It represents your deepest desires, darkest secrets, what generates utmost terror in you, your obsessions, passions and unspeakable emotions. Pluto always illuminates the darkest recesses of your soul.

Its transits have the power to inspire terror, and the intensity to annihilate you, make you feel small, invisible, insignificant, disposable. Or endow you with the power and the ability to pursue your wildest dreams and transcend all the challenges and limitations of your existence. Pluto does not just end things. Yes, it exorcises, purges, clears, and eliminates what has become redundant. But it also brings about new growth, developments, and the evolution of what is missing but essential in your life. In all cases, its transits will change you in dramatic and irrevocable ways, going deep to surface your ugliest secrets and purging what is rotten to trigger a death and rebirth of the soul.

In evolutionary astrology Pluto does in fact represents the soul and its evolutionary path across life times. In the astrology of the world, it is associated with the rise of fascism, nuclear energy, plutocracy, tyranny, oppression, violence, corruption, power and its abuse, but also with survival against all odds and all evils.

Pluto in Myth

The ancient myths associated with Pluto are fascinating and deserve being explored. The most enduring one and the one with the richest meaning for us all is his abduction of Proserpina (Persephone). Watch this video to dive right in:



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