Saturn in Pisces by Zodiac Sign -

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn represents maturation processes and our attitudes to boundaries and commitmets. It is reality, scrutiny, and THE COLD HARD TRUTH. Its transits encourage us to create lasting structures in our lives and handle challenges and opportunities with discipline, commitment, maturity and a marked sense of responsibility. It is authority, whether our own or external, mastery, regulation, control and self-regulating. Like Uranus, it's a wake-up call, but unlike Uranus the judgement is on our own — rather than societal — shortcomings. Its transits give just as easily as they take away, depending on whether we have overstretched ourselves, avoided our responsibilities, or worked hard and honoured our duties all along.

Saturn Transits

As the cosmic teacher, hard Saturn transits show us where we are going wrong in our life. It's a reality check that helps us to align with our life goals, to ensure we are ultimately living with maturity, integrity and accountability. It is about doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

What Saturn Transits Feel Like

When it affects your personal horoscope, Saturn brings hardships, shortcomings, delays, obstacles, fear, doubt, dissatisfaction and a desire for more. It also brings life cycles to a conclusion. One cycle ends, another begins. It’s time to regulate, self-regulate, control, commit to, plan and execute a more mature, responsible, long-sighted course of action. It’s also about encounters with authority and the law — whether with the police, the government, the leadership team, or your own paternal figure.

Saturn transits may test the structures of your life. They demand a comprehensive look at what you've done so far, what you've got, and what you want to do in future. At these times torturous, heavy and frustrating questions will arise:

  • Are the structures in your life still supporting you and will they continue to support you for another 7/14/28 years?
  • Is your current life aligned with your life goals?
  • Are you in control of your life/future?
  • Do you have what it takes to achieve your goals?
  • Are you doing what you must?
  • Are you doing the best that you can with your life?
  • Are you acting or behaving responsibly?
  • Are you secure enough? Have you put safety measures in place?
  • Are there any risks you need to manage or priotize?

Saturn in Pisces Themes

Regulation, self-regulation, controls, limitations, legal cases, obstacles, delays, discipline, commitment,

responsibility, maturity and hard work related to:

  • Medicine, pharma, healing, mental health
  • Truth, lies, distortion of reality, conspiracies, fantasy, paranoia
  • Collective wounds and grief
  • Oil and gas, chemicals and poison
  • Pollution 
  • The Ocean
  • Inflation
  • Migrants, refugees, and exiles
  • Victims and martyrs
  • Kidnappings and disappearances
  • Spying, hacking, fraud, cons
  • The TV, film and music industry
  • Photography (and copyrights)
  • Charities and non-governmental organisations

Watch my youtube video for what you can expect from this transit based on your rising sign.



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