Mercury Retrograde

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Hints and Tips To Navigate Through Mercury Retrograde

The last Mercury retrograde of the year is here, going from 11° Scorpio to 25° Libra.

So, will it affect you and cause mayhem in your comms and devices? Only if you have placements between those degrees, and in fact only near 11° of any Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius; and near 25° of any of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn. Why?

For two reasons:

- Planets are at their strongest when they start and end their retrograde

- What I call Gangsta planets (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn) are near those exact degrees mentioned above right now. And you know what they're like...

So what do we do? Cancel life and relationships? No FFing way! (Yes, Mercury in Scorpio likes a bit of swearing... )

What we do is


- Count to 250 before hitting Send

- Check, double check, and triple check anything important

- Have a bit of a laugh when something goes wrong. How else are you going to get better in life if not through mistakes?

What we can also do is

- Reconnect with people from our past

- Restart that project we put aside for a while

- Revisit what we allow to go through our minds

- Replan our next move or target

- Take our time to go inside and mull things over

- SMOLDER (well, there's Scorpio again)

Sounds scary? NAAAH! There are worse things to worry about in the world. Like the US elections on a crazy Mercury day squaring Saturn, for example...

Just use humour and common sense and you'll breeze right through it. It's only three weeks, after all. How fast have the last three weeks gone for you? They've certainly flown for me...

Does this help? Do let me know if you have any questions. Or get in touch for a reading if you'd like more clarity. I'm GOOD at that. Even during Mercruy Gatorade...

Sending you CHILL VIBES for the remainder of the month.