Consultations -


Well well well, it seems the cosmic forces have aligned for a moment of respite. Or should I say, stellar hiatus? Yes darlings, brace yourselves as this astrologer takes a well-deserved breather! Consultations, dear friends, have temporarily halted in light of my dazzling decision to take a break.

Forgive me for leaving you hanging without stargazing guidance, but even the brightest constellations need some R&R every now and then. Fear not though! In this celestial pause, I shall recharge my astrological energies with moonlit walks on distant planets and sipping cosmic cocktails amidst shooting stars.

So please hold your astrological inquiries for just a tad longer while I retreat to my lunar sanctuary. When I return from my astral escapades, we shall dive back into the deep mysteries of our universe together once more. Until then, may your paths be sprinkled with star dust!