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A fulfilling life is marked by a sense of inner balance and personal and professional growth. When certain areas of your life are out of balance, you tend to experience bumps in the road. Goals take longer to achieve and the ride isn’t as smooth or fun.

I can help you gain clarity on your life and re-align your goals. Unlike an app, I am here to help you make sense of *all* your astrology, and answer any specific question you may have. My clients’ testimonials illustrate how they have benefitted.

Book a consultation with me if you would like to discuss:

  • Your birth chart, with emphasis on specific placements and themes that stand out
  • How these themes have manifested in the past, where they are now
  • Important opportunities and challenges over the next 6-12 months
  • Past celestial events related to what is happening now
  • Relationships, business, career, relocations, important decisions, travel advice, options
  • Any specific questions you may have – this can be a horary, a theme, an upcoming transit or event, etc. Your imagination is your limit…

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