Mars in Capricorn – Forward Momentum -

Mars in Capricorn

You may have the best of skills, the most positive of attitudes, and the strongest of beliefs. Yet, if you do nothing with all these attributes, nothing will come out of them. Not every action may give success, but no success is possible without action. Action is key, and Mars is the driver.

Mars is pure energy. It represents what motivates us to act, how we go for what we want, how we manage passions and crises. In our charts it points to how we stand up for ourselves, and express ourselves with courage and conviction. It also reveals our desire nature and sexuality; and the kind of person we find sexually attractive.

Mars loves Capricorn. This is not the place for reckless, instinctive reactions like when Mars is in Aries; or for deep, troubling emotions, like in Scorpio. Mars in Capricorn people do what they mean, and mean what they do. Behaviour and intention are perfectly aligned in these individuals. Pragmatic, competent, and ambitious, they work tirelessly for their goals. These people have grit! Forethought, planning, tenacity, efficient use of resources, and tremendous self-control are seen as essential survival strategies. The fuel is any goal aiming to build genuinely meaningful and long-lasting accomplishments. Starting on the first day of winter in the Northern hemisphere, Capricorn is all about preparing for and dealing with wintry conditions in life. In this scenario, anything out of control is potentially lethal.

With superb focus and concentration, Mars in Capricorn has little appreciation for laziness, time-wasting or unnecessary emotion that may hinder progress. Strong and self-assured, those with Mars in this sign often carry an air of authority about them, and tend to shine for their innate leadership and organisational skills. This is one of the most intimidating Mars signs in the zodiac. There is a quiet strength in these individuals that you sense, and know not to mess with. Yet, when this Mars is angry, they are unlikely to be seen losing their cool. Theirs is a level-headed type of anger that keeps an eye firmly on the big picture. If their feathers are ruffled, they will let you know in no uncertain terms, in a very direct, clear and concise way that they are not going to be taken for granted, especially if something that they consider a serious issue is to be addressed.

Taken to its extremes, this placement may come across as cold and calculating, sometimes even ruthless, with no spontaneity or emotions on display. Cautious to a tee, these individuals do not like taking unnecessary risks. They think hard before taking action, and appreciate security and the long game. They don’t like to reinvent the wheel, preferring to build on traditions that have proven successful and enduring. Although endowed with impressive resilience, rigidity and burnout from overwork or lack of rest may be a regular occurrence for many with this placement.

In love, they are strong and dependable, if somewhat slow in committing. They don’t jump lightly into relationships, as they need to be sure about the other person first. They are attracted to successful people, needing to be proud of their partners. Their cool exterior hides a hot desire nature. As an Earth sign, they are physical in their demonstrations of love, and display great passion and endurance in the bedroom. They tend to be dominant in the balance of give and take.



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