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Jupiter in Taurus

"Don't let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth — don't let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency"


Jupiter is Vision, Hope and Meaning.

Every year in a different zodiac sign, Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus for a year from May 16th, 2023. From this day, it will bring joy, optimism and self-belief to a new sphere of your life. Here you will feel lucky and blessed, ready to take risks, with opportunities knocking on your door. A good Jupiter transit can strengthen or renew your sense of purpose, helping you creating goals and finding meaning in your life. Depending on where Taurus is in your birth chart, and your unique astrological signature, which may assist or hinder Jupiter, you can attract your own luck in a new area. So what does it mean for you? A quick breakdown by rising sign is given below. Or get in touch for a special Jupiter in Taurus discount of 20% valid for bookings made before 31st of May, 2023.

As the Greater Benefic in astrology, it is synonymous with expansion, success, and abundance. It represents where we are at our most joyful, free, and generous. As the planet of knowledge, wisdom, ethics, higher learning and religion, Jupiter is the marker of your mental, spiritual and physical horizons. Your world views, personal beliefs, life philosophies, and experiences of foreign cultures, otherness, travel and long journeys are all symbolized by your natal Jupiter.

As the cosmic magnifier, enlarging whatever it touches, sometimes Jupiter turns out to be too much of a good thing; at other times, with the wrong attitude, its transits may pass you by without you being aware. Curiousity, a sense of adventure, a desire for more, a growth mindset, but also a healthy dose of groundedness and a sense of humour, are critical if you are to make the most of its transits.


Jupiter is in Taurus between May 2023 and May 2024. This is a rare occurrence, as the largest planet in our solar system spends a year in each sign, returning to the same spot only once in 12 years. The last time it was in Taurus was between June 2011 and June 2012. What did it bring you last time round?

Taurus is stable, patient, headstrong, slow and steady. It likes to build, consolidate, protect the status quo, think things through, produce reliable results. Not one for taking risks, Taurus treasures the comforts and luxuries of life. It relentlessly pursues money, possessions, investments, a luscious home, a solid career, payback from hard work and dedication, but also all sources of pleasure, be it food, drink, shopping or sex. It may be important to practice moderation and balance in these areas this year, as excesses could lead to health problems or financial difficulties.

Because Taurus is a fixed sign, this transit can also indicate a sense of stubbornness, resistance to change and opportunity, greed and materialism. Reluctant to share or let go, be mindful of possessiveness and jealousy at this time, which can create challenges in your life if left unchecked. It will be important to balance the need for stability and security with a willingness to adapt, grow and embrace the new this year.

Above all, Jupiter in Taurus is about rejecting abstraction and getting real. The key is incarnating, embodying your values. The world needs and demands something precious that you possess. It's time to make it 3D, present it in opulent packaging, and gift it to our collective consciousness. Is your bank account intimidating and self-limiting, or does it feel full of potential? Do your appearance, home, and way of life reflect the god or goddess in you? Is your real worth concretized in what you do and how much you charge for it? The universe is behind you this year if you're ready to level up in these spheres of life.

Where Will You Shine?

As well as Taurus, the winners during this transit are likely to be all with important Earth and Water energy, especially Capricorn and Virgo. The other fixed signs — Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — are also likely to experience growth, although with some challenges along the way.

Subject to specific aspects and placements in your birth chart, which may assist or hinder Jupiter, in general terms you can expect growth and expansion in the following areas:

Aries Rising: Finances, values, resources, possessions, innate talents

Taurus Rising: Personal identity, physical appearance, and self-assertion

Gemini Rising: Recharging, introspection, healing, imagination, spirituality

Cancer Rising: Social connections, group activities, humanitarian pursuits, the future

Leo Rising: Career, public image, ambitions, recognition, status

Virgo Rising: Foreign cultures and people, travel, education, optimism, belief system

Libra Rising: Joint finances and resources, spiritual and emotional healing, interest in metaphysics

Scorpio Rising: Relationship dynamics and collaborations, legal matters

Sagittarius Rising: Health, mind/body connection, daily routine, work, pets, habits

Capricorn Rising: Creativity, self-expression, inspiration, romance, social pursuits, children

Aquarius Rising: Emotional security, changes in your living situation, family dynamics, the past

Pisces Rising: Communication, siblings, neighbours, short journeys, writing, learning

Important: Depending on the house system used, a different sphere of life may be blessed by Jupiter this year. Get in touch for a personalized reading based on your unique astrological setup.

So, this is the time to dream big, focus on the positives and seize all the opportunities that come your way in a new sphere of life. Staying at home moping will see this transit pass you by, regardless of sign or natal chart potential. So get out there and aim for the sky something good is bound to come of it if you do!

Important Alignments

This year Jupiter is the only outer planet aligning closely with the other big players.

May 18th, 2023, Jupiter—Pluto:

Strong throughout May 2023, this is the first square in the new cycle started in 2020. Depending on the natal houses and planets activated by this aspect, these two energies combined mark a period of increased determination to radically reform specific areas of your life. Profound insights into your weak and strong points are possible, with a deep commitment to change. Similarly, the urge to achieve the top of your career, ammass wealth or power may feel uncompromising at this time. With Mars also squaring/opposing from Leo, expect ego trips, huge shows of force, stubborness, prevarication, issues of power and control. My advice? Learn to let go. Let it pass. Let them be. It really is not worth it. This is an important foreshadowing of what Pluto in Aquarius is likely to bring us over the next 20 years, so worth paying attention to.

June 19th, 2023, Jupiter—Saturn:

Especially strong between June and July 2023, and then again between late December 2023 and March 2024 (but without exact conjuction), this is the first sextile between them since 2020. These periods are perfect for giving practical form to your goals and dreams, bearing in mind that hard work and discipline are still key to achieving your ambitions, as nothing happens without active effort when sextiles are involved. With the right level of commitment and dedication, you can see important growth in your financial, professional or personal success, or to branch out and pursue new opportunities for the future. As ever, make a note of the astrological houses and natal planets currently activated by these two.

April 21st, 2024, Jupiter—Uranus:

In 2023, these two giants start getting closer to each other, but it won't be until 2024 that the conjunction and its effect will be strong. The last time these two came together was 2010-2011, back then in Pisces and Aries. Expect breakthroughs and awakenings — whether in science, politics, technology, culture or more personally. This is a highly creative alignment that brings optimism and novel ideas for the future. It's a new beginning for mankind highlighting Taurean themes. What do you have at or near 22° in your chart, regardless of zodiac sign? Which house includes 22° Taurus in your natal chart? Expect an unexpected uplift in whatever is touched by this conjunction.

May 23rd, 2024, Jupiter—Neptune:

Jupiter/Neptune alignments mark times of strong ideological shifts, cultural tsunamis, increased sensitivity to world events, touching philantropy, healing and medicine, travel, fraud and deception, and emphasis on water issues, whether scarcity or floods, or protection of the oceans. They also correlate with high inflation. Everything is maxed up during these encounters. Emotions run high, whether based on fact or pure perception and demagogy. Jupiter in Taurus is likely to ground somewhat the dissolving and deeply emotional tendencies of Neptune in Pisces, potentially channelling the energy towards important infrastructure, agriculture and finance, instead. As ever, examine what is activated in your own natal chart around that date.



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