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These are genuine testimonials, gathered over the years and independently verified by a third-party app called Judge.me. If you have questions for me, please feel free to email me:

Based on 45 reviews
Marilena will not disappoint.

I had a reading a year ago. Although Marilena came highly recommended she made preposterous claims of the coming year with regard to specifically things that were coming my way. Craziness!!

Yeah...well sure, craziness, but also entirely bang-on. Her incisive analysis into 2021 had me come back for 2022 and again, given what's already come I am ready for what's next knowing that I can go back to the video replay she provided and get more tidbits.

Seriously - astrology is a thing that was...there, I never really put that much stock in it. Don't make my mistake - book a session now!


Marilena rectified my chart and identified my exact birth time, MC, IC, Ascendant and Descendant etc. She explained her methods for arriving at the birth time, which totally made sense, and very kindly answered my questions about my chart as a whole. She was clearly very knowledgeable and had considerable expertise as an astrologer and it was a delight to engage with her. Anyone wanting clarity regarding their chart and looking to have their chart rectified should look no further - Marilena will enlighten them and give them the accurate information they need to better understand their placements.

Simply Amazing!

I can not begin to express my gratitude for your time, talent, and all of the hope and inspiration you provided during my consultation with you for the upcoming year.
As many people living through this pandemic, I've struggled and lost part of myself. YOU have restored my hope and optimism and now I look forward to tomorrow and this year. Please keep doing what you're doing. You make a difference in people's lives too, I know you have certainly made a difference in mine. Thank you! I look forward to reading with you again in 2023 🙂 AMAZING!
XOXO, Alexandria

Birthday Report
Chelsea C
Wonderful Experience

Marilena is such a lovely spirit. She is kind, generous with her time and how she delivers information, and patient! It truly was a wonderful experience. Marilena puts you at ease with her being so personable, easy to talk to, and empathetic. I just listened to my reading again and it put a smile on my face. Can’t thank you enough!

Best experience

It's a little scary how accurately she knows me, and my other half, whom she has never met. I'm a lot more understanding now, and our relationship has improved no end as a result!

Top astrologer

Better than couples therapy! She helped us so much during a really difficult time in our relationship.

Just what I needed

When a friend recommended Marilena to help me choose the best date to open my restaurant, I thought why not. So glad I did! We had so many bookings the first night we opened that I'm sure the astrology was to thank!

My go-to astrologer

I've been working with Marilena for years! I have a consultation with her at least a couple of times a year. I trust her! She's so honest and really knows astrology inside out. She so so lovely, too! Xo

Marriage plans

So good to know that my wedding will be supported by the stars! It's such an important day, I want it to be PERFECT!


This is my first experience with an astrologer. Marilena is so accurate and friendly, she really cares. You can tell that she's a top astrologer!

Best astrologer!

I had readings with other astrologers in the past, but Marilena is a completely different level! So professional, intelligent and knowledgeable! Buy with confidence!

A skilled professional

Marilena readings are so fabulous. Do yourself a favor and get one!!

Knowledge, Clarity, Passion, Kindness and excellent communication

Marilena is superb. She is knowledgeable. She communicates clearly and ensures you understand. The information she imparts is life guiding and she does so with kindness and grace. Some messages are significant and are delivered with sensitivity. Her passion for and appreciation of Astrology is irrefutable. I am a business professional and this is my first reading. In retrospect I would have benefited from this when I was 20. Now I will contact Marilena at least annually. Be well and be loving.

Premium Reading

Marilena was quite thoughtful with her insights about soul evolution and progression! She was able to reinforce and encourage me that I'm treading down that right Pluto path to empower my chart ruler. She was also very professional, personable, and the whole process was a breeze really! I will definitely be doing another reading with her in the future! Thank you Marilena for giving me more confidence going into 2021 🙂


She’s very kind, direct, and resourceful with her information she presents things very easily and in a very digestible way. It is worth every penny. Do not go through life not knowing your purpose! Get your chart read!


I'm still processing all that Marilena told me. I was blown away by all Marilena told me, it was as if she was in my head! I've never come across a reading like this before, and I've had a few. This is clearly a reading that I'm gonna need EVERY YEAR! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Most Sincere and Detailed work!!

Marilena took the time to listen and tend to every question and desire I had. I could feel how invested she was with my reading and provided me the guidance I sought after. I felt comfortable the entire time and taken care of. There was never a moment where I felt rushed due to time or ignored. Truly worth every minute. Thank you Marilena!

A life saver!

As ever buying gifts at the last minute - will I ever learn?!? - this was a life saver for me. Just before going to my friend's birthday party, I bought a gift card online. I got a voucher email instantly, which I printed and put in her birthday card. Best of all, my friend was OVER THE MOON with her present!!!

Birthday Report
Sara Mars
Wonderful gift!

Wonderful gift, thank you Spark!

So helpful

Marilena helped me choose a date for my book launch. It went really well!

A new beginning

Very eye opening to many things I knew, yet didn’t understand. I am positively sure this won’t be the last time I get a reading!!!


So glad I decided to book a reading with Marilena. Her advice helped me face some challenges with confidence. I know it will all work out for the best. I'm hooked now!

A Great Experience!

I did a full reading with Marilena and it was such a great experience. I’ve done a little research on my birth chart in the past but she really dived into specifics and gave me a bunch of new knowledge to take with me in the upcoming year. My Saturn return is coming up and I really appreciated the time she took to give me more insight into it. I’d 100% do another reading in the future! 🙂 Thanks so much Marilena!

She revealed me to myself

You may know nothing about astrology. No matter. If you have one question you’ve been turning over and over, write it down. Then rewrite it until it feels true to what you really want to know. Marilena will take it from there.
Warm, knowledgable, prescient, You’ll breathe again.

Horary Review

I asked Marilena to conduct a Horary for me based on a relationship situation. We started a video call and she shared with me the chart she was looking at. She explained clearly the current situation and a projection of what would happen in the future. The details provided gave me much relief and reassurance on the path my life was taking. After the reading I was also given a copy of the video call so I could reference it for future purposes. Marilena is professional, warm and concise in her delivery. If you're interested in having a Horary I would a 100% recommend her.

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