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How Did May Treat You…?

One of my kitties brought home a little present for me a few days ago. I only realized because the little bird decided to join me upstairs in the bedroom. First it sought refuge in the ensuite, but when it spotted the window, it flew towards it and hit the glass hard. I was so anguished at this point, as the bird looked unresponsive. I picked up the stunned birdie and took it outside to the balcony. After a few nerve-wracking seconds, it thankfully straightened up and flew away. Phew! 

After all that, all I could think of was what a bad day that birdie was having. Mars (being caught) was indeed in a tug-of-war with Pluto and Jupiter (huge danger), but the New Moon was in a positive alignment with Mars at that moment, bringing opportunity and a new beginning, so the birdie managed to escape. Even when you’re having the worst day of your life, all it takes is a slither of light and a helpful transit to turn things around for you!

May was indeed super intense astrologically. Between the eclipses at the beginning and the Mars/Jupiter/Pluto configuration in the second half of the month, all the progress many of us had made to that point came to a loud crash. Thank goodness for the Moon/Venus conjunction on the 23rd! It felt so soothing, juicy and powerful. It book-ended the worst of the fixed stalemate and brought magical relief and nurturing to many of us.

June Delight

June brings a lightness that we had forgotten was possible. And some rare alignments involving Jupiter. At the beginning of the month, on the 2nd, we have a Jupiter/North Node conjunction offering stimulating encounters and rare opportunities for expansion; this hadn’t happened since 2016, in the sign of Virgo. On the 3rd/4th, a Jupiterian Full Moon in Sagittarius brings dynamism, a desire to expand your horizons, and a joyful outlook on life. Venus in Leo the next day, on the 5th, brings confidence, self-belief, creativity and good synergy with Mars in the same sign supporting us into July. Not all is rosy, however. Expect challenging developments regarding relationships and finances when Venus opposes Pluto during the second week of June.

Overall, this month sees the emergence of issues and themes as follows:

Aries Rising: Foreign cultures and people, travel, religion, education, optimism, world view

Taurus Rising: Joint finances and resources, spiritual and emotional healing, metaphysics

Gemini Rising: Relationship dynamics and collaborations, legal matters

Cancer Rising: Health, mind/body connection, daily routine, work, pets, habits

Leo Rising: Creativity, self-expression, inspiration, romance, social pursuits, children

Virgo Rising: Emotional security, your home or living situation, family dynamics, the past

Libra Rising: Communication, siblings, neighbours, short journeys, writing, learning

Scorpio Rising: Finances, values, resources, possessions, innate talents

Sagittarius Rising: Personal identity, sense of self, physical appearance, self-assertion

Capricorn Rising: Recharging, introspection, healing, imagination, spirituality

Aquarius Rising: Social connections, group activities, humanitarian pursuits, the future

Pisces Rising: Career, public image, ambitions, recognition, status

The following weekend, on the 11th, we’re back in familiar territory. Pluto re-enters Capricorn (sigh!), asking us to revisit and rework the hardest lessons learnt throughout 2022 and Spring this year. I’m sure I’m not the only one wishing Pluto in Capricorn to be well and truly OVER, but alas it won’t be until next year. Since 2008, we’ve been grappling with issues affecting the structures that support our lives, our sense of authority, mastery, and maturity, who we are professionally, what we want to achieve in life. Pluto may have uprooted any deep certainties and guarantees we held dear, and thrown us in the deep end while desperately seeking purchase. Finances, jobs, careers, support systems may have all been transformed since then. What loose ends do you need to tie up? The clue is in the house of your birth chart with late Capricorn, and most importantly, any planet near 29°.

The period around the 18th is the most anticipated of the last few years. It all starts with a rare sextile between Jupiter and Saturn on the 19th, but in effect throughout the month, and then again next year. The last time we had a sextile between the two was 2017, when it was waning. This time, we’re at the beginning of a new cycle started in 2020, and it ushers in the possibility of leaving behind us the crises, drama, frustrations and obstacles of the last few years, and moving towards fruitful collaboration, achievements and rewards, instead. It offers much hope for solid — if somewhat slow — progress in the areas of your chart where you have early (around 7°) Taurus and Pisces. Perfect for translating your ideas into practical reality, you may find the inspiration and confidence to build something new that will significantly benefit your life — provided you balance your ambition with discipline and hard work.

The same weekend also sees Saturn stationing retrograde on the 17th, so expect delays for a few days. The New Moon in late Gemini is on the 18th, brimmining with ideas and the need to connect. On the 19th, Venus starts treading the forthcoming retrograde area of your chart — keep an eye on what issues start arising around relationships, money, and values, as these will be trigger points in July—September. Finally, the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, at the Summer Solstice, shifting the focus to your desire for safety and nurturing in the area of your chart ruled by the crab. So this is a key period during which much may change in your life, both positively and occasionally frustratingly.  

The end of the month softens up when Mercury enters more emotional, inward-looking, caring Cancer on the 27th. Your thought processes settle down after the hyperactive Gemini season, and shift to life’s fundamentals like security, comforts, family, home, the past, your inner life. On the 30th, Neptune stations retrograde, upping your dreaminess, nostalgia, and longing for the unavailable. This may be a time when things appear blurry and the temptation of escapist practices may feel irresistible. Instead, when the clouds lift after a few days, see it as an opportunity to let go of false promises, illusions and self-deceipt that may have held you back. This is also an incredibly imaginative time, perfect for finding the inspiration you need for creativity and art.



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