Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo

Do you suddenly feel bolder, more decisive, playful, and outgoing? If so, congratulations, your royal month kicks in in earnest with the Mars in Leo ingress!

The Mars transit through Cancer likely prompted you to take action in the areas of home, family, security, and nurturing. As a masculine principle symbolising action, ambition, and execution, Mars was somewhat uncomfortable in sensitive, feminine Cancer for the past two months. Given the choice, Cancerians would probably love nothing better than to stay in bed, cuddle, and nurture loved ones. Not exactly cut out for an action-packed life, they’re more about emotions, comforts, the home, family, and the past. And yet, as a Cardinal sign, when they set their mind on something they’ll move mountains to make it happen. Their style, though, hinges more on instilling trust in people, letting them know they’re always there for them, and never letting go. Truth be told, if any danger should befall or threaten to befall their tribe, their fury and aggression would be uncontainable.

Mars in Leo has a very different feel to it. Passion, drive, and ambition are this time overflowing, direct, and on a grand scale. The energy is now more playful and outgoing, often dramatic, and big on taking ownership for actions and beliefs. We fight hard, we win hard, we play hard. Sometimes we fail hard, too, but the ego stays strong and sharp, if somewhat bruised. Our courage and charisma become infectious, our dreams fired up, our capacity to shine amplified. This is the time to take bold action, to believe in ourselves, and to fight for what we want. One thing is for sure, the next few weeks are preparing to be all but uneventful!

To conclude, whether this transit affects you positively or otherwise, depends on your natal placements (see links below). You will undoubtedly feel fired up and ready for a fight, regardless. Which area of your life is especially affected – whether career, friends, health, study, etc. – is determined by which house cusp contains Leo in your chart, and how the various planets are positioned and aspect each other overall.

Have a roaringly good month!

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