New Moon in Cancer July 2021 -

New Moon In Cancer

When radical change fosters emotional wellbeing.

New Moon in Cancer -

  • What does it mean for you?
  • Who is going to benefit from this New Moon?
  • What kind of energy does it usher in?
  • What is it best for?

Cancerians care intensely. Their emotions are their compass, shaping every moment and every decision. Guided by a strong need for safety and security, when hurt or scared, the automatic response is to withdraw into a hard shell, and to shut the harsh world outside. Nurturing and protecting their tribe is their unspoken mission in life. Intuitive and empathetic, they care about emotional and physical wellbeing. Yet, their soft and understanding demeanour belies huge strength and determination. Like a jaguar protecting her cubs, the full force of Cancerian fury can be terrifying to witness, should their loved ones come under threat. Even personal safety comes second in this scenario. Emotional manipulation, bitter resentment, and passive aggressive attitudes are a possibility with the shadow side of this cardinal sign.

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