New Moon in Aquarius -

New Moon In Aquarius

Psychologist Carl Jung described the spiritual path as an unfolding into wholeness. Rather than trying to deny the emotions that make us uncomfortable and keep us in a constant battle with ourselves, personal maturity requires that we embrace all of ourselves, even our messy, broken, imperfect sides, if we want to burst free from the cage of self-judgement and fear that we build around ourselves.

The New Moon in Aquarius is here to remind us that we are our own prison guards.

Our lives are defined by the stories we tell ourselves. Some of them are empowering, and help us live a fulfilling life. Many if not most of them are limiting walls that hold us back from realising our full potential. Saturn in Aquarius believes he has thought of everything and has all the answers. In the middle degree of a fixed Air sign he rules, he is strong and dignified, but his mind is closed, his thinking serious, and his thoughts inflexible. He favours logic over emotion, finds certainty in 'rightness', and looks on our imperfections uncompromisingly.

Saturn rules the knees. And bending the knee when dealing with authority. And Saturn is so strong right now, with four planets in Capricorn and three in Aquarius. All the planets are currently sitting tight within the same 120° of the zodiac, reflecting the intensity and focus of this phase of our lives. We are still shackled and humbled by the demands of the tiniest of tyrants, a virus so small you cannot see with the naked eye and yet so powerful to bring the whole world to its knees.

Today's New Moon is all about sowing the seed of possibility. Saturn undeniably pins us down, but he also offers us the chance to build resilience and a realistic future. It is not going to be easy, as these things never are, but then again our most enduring successes are never overnight or accidental. Jupiter in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus both represent the future, and are supportive of the strategies we devise over the next four weeks. While Jupiter in Pisces encourages us to unleash our wildest dreams, Uranus in Taurus wants us to take radical steps forward in pursuit of increased resourcefulness and financial or physical security.

Which house does this New Moon fall in your horoscope? This will tell you the stage on which a new vision will unfold over the next six months. Here's a breakdown by Ascendant or Rising sign.

Aquarius Ascendant

This New Moon marks a new beginning that affects you on a very personal level — whether it’s experiences, feelings, or external events. It's about you forging a new path for yourself regardless of others' objections. The need to focus on what you want from life is now stronger, whether in terms of body, health, looks, how you present yourself, the impact you make on others, relationships or your general direction in life. Time to do what is right for you.

Capricorn Ascendant

A new plan will hatch that will give you increased confidence about the next six months. Time to build more resilience in your life. You'll be revisiting your values, finances, and sense of self-worth. The result may well be a new purchase or investment, but perhaps it goes beyond finances, and you are actually intent on strengthening the support structures in your life, be it material or mental.

Sagittarius Ascendant

This is the time for a mental shift and upgrading the stories you tell yourself that may have held you back in the past. An excellent month to learn new mental techniques and rewiring the way you think and speak. Also great for starting short courses and gaining professional certifications.

Siblings, cousins, neighbours all seem to ask for your opinion this month, with more contact between you than in a long time.

Scorpio Ascendant

The focus is on the home, family, or living situation. You might have an important realization of what you truly need to feel safe and comfortable, or are planning a home improvement or relocation. There might be a breakthrough that gives you a strong sense of belonging, or that connects you with your family or ancestors. This is a great time to re-balance and re-integrate your home and work lives, prioritising the best for your family and your own foundational wellbeing.



Love is in the air, so expect romance or a burst of creativity in your projects. Time to have more fun and start a personal project. This could also be the time to have children, or to spend more quality time with them, if you already have them The need for self-expression is strong, with lots of ideas and inspiration. While it's great to have ideas, for them to see the light of day you must give them structure, plan and execute them. This month you'll make giant strides forward on this front.



Your health, daily routine, work, and habits get rebooted this month. Your wellbeing matters more now, be it physical or mental. Your exercise routine and diet become a top priority, with new plans for building a better you. You may discover new therapies and treatments that make a real difference to the quality of your life. Or maybe it's time to run some blood work and plan a few medical visits. They will make you feel more in control of your health. An important work project may also start now.



A partnership, relationship or contract requires your attention. Your priorities change this month, and you crave more dependability in your love life and business partnerships. Your partner or significant other may need your help reframing or planning for a situation that's coming up. Or you are on the lookout for somebody new in your life. Is it time to use technology to find them? Or to help them with? A major negotiation or contract renewal may be coming up. 

Cancer Ascendant

You have strong feelings about money and intimacy. Shared finances, tax, debt, insurance and investments require your attention this month. You are likely devising new or re-fining existing plans to gain an increased sense of security and control in your life. You've probably been very worried about this, but the good news is that this is the month to turn things around for you, as a deep transformation is now on the cards.

Gemini Ascendant

This is a month of increased optimism and a renewed sense of adventure. The focus is on learning, travel, and long-term priorities. You're impatient to push your personal horizons now, be it through travel, spirituality or intellectual pursuits. This is a great time to focus on your beliefs, big priorities and philosophy of life, as you seek more meaning and purpose in your life. A legal proceeding moves forward now.



You'll be extremely busy at work this month. Dynamics of authority come to the fore. Your career, vocation, public status or visibility in the world are increased now. Significant opportunities come your way, including an big-scope new project or new yearly plans. New career options and a change direction are also within your grasp. Are you in the right career, following the right path in life? What does your soul wish to contribute to the world? How do you want to be known for?



You'll be seeing your network a lot this month! Whether it's going out with friends, having a game with them, rehearsing with your band, going to conferences and gatherings, or attending talks on social and humanitarian causes. You may choose to join a new group or club, or find a new group of people that share your interests and values. Visions for your future abound, and you start putting solid plans in place to see them through within the next six months.



Time to recharge. You have an overwhelming need to be alone, take a backseat, and focus on your inner life. A new therapist, coach, or dream trigger important revelations that you've kept under wraps in your subconscious until now. Not a time for high energy and action, but one for introspection, journaling, and spirituality. Secrets may be revealed, and intuition heightened. Use this time to recharge in preparation for more action soon. Or plan your next spiritual retreat now.



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