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Decode Your Natal Chart House By House – Instant Download Guide


These instant-download guides offer a 360° view of your birth chart as defined by your Rising Sign and astrological houses, and can be taken as an instruction manual to all aspects of life. Over thirty pages all on you.

Dive deep into your natal chart with these instant-download guides to the astrological houses for your Rising Sign. Discover what sign is on the cusp of each of your natal houses and what it means for you. Learn also which planet calls the shots in every sector of your life, what it means to have planets in a house and what to do when you don’t. Included are all the cheat sheets you need to finally learn the astrology basics and put it all together.

The twelve astrological houses are the stage on which your life unfolds. They represent every facet of your existence. Understanding how the signs and planets operate in each of your twelve astrological houses will lead to more clarity on who you are and what you are here to do, illuminating the path of self-discovery and self-fulfilment.

  • What are astrological houses and why do they matter?
  • Cheat sheets for learning astrology: Zodiac Signs, Planets, Planets In Houses, Elements, Modalities, and Aspects
  • Astrology house wheel with general meanings per house
  • Personalised guide to your natal houses and their meanings
  • Affairs of the house, house-by-house
  • Meaning of each house in your personal chart: the sign on the cusp of each house and what it means for you
  • Ruling planet of each house and how to understand its effect in your chart
  • Planets in the house, with guidance on how to interpret them
  • Reading suggestions

I am blessed because I help people every day. I have been an astrologer for decades, and it has taken me decades to learn this rewarding art. I want to make it easier for you. A lot of energy and love have gone into these guides, to simplify and make more accessible dauntingly complex concepts and tools. I am delighted that you get a chance to learn from me.

Astrology helps people, and your experience can make a real difference for somebody who is struggling right now. If you like my educational material and you know somebody who may benefit from it, please send them a link to this page.