Contact Spark Astrology

Contact Spark Astrology for a personalised reading and friendly, confidential advice on whatever is puzzling you at present. Consultations are over video conference ( Click on pricing and options for additional information, and on make a payment to confirm your booking.

Please note – astrological calculations require accurate birth details, including time, ideally to the nearest minute.

I would also be grateful for the following information:

  • Name
  • When you would like the consultation
  • Your current city/country of residence
  • What you would like help with (see below)

There are several things we could be looking at, and different techniques we can use depending on your needs, therefore knowing in advance will ensure a more targeted session. Typically people come to me when there is a challenging life situation, if they have specific questions, would like general guidance, key dates for the year, or to explore a particular theme, personal or astrological.

Finally, if you would like to discuss other people’s charts, please ask for their consent before seeing me.

Look forward to discussing your needs and options with you!