Natal Chiron In The Signs -

Natal Chiron In The Signs

Since its discovery in 1977, Chiron has been variously classified in astronomy, with categorizations ranging from a planet, to a satellite of Saturn, to an asteroid. We have now established that is a large periodic comet of the solar system belonging to the class of Centaur asteroids, between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. It even has rings!

Chiron takes fifty years to complete a revolution around the Sun. With its eccentric orbit, Chiron stays in a zodiac sign for a variable amount of time, ranging from a maximum of over eight years in Aries to a meagre year and a half in Libra:

CHIRON-by house, sign and aspect

Below is a list of Chiron’s stays in each sign of the zodiac since 1927, and includes a top-level theme per sign. If you were born on a month at the beginning or end of the stay in a sign, calculate your chart to get your exact natal placement.

As is the case with the other slow-moving objects, the interpretation by sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. The detailed assessment of Chiron in a house, on the contrary, carries much greater significance in an individual’s life.

The Chironic Wound
Chiron reveals the nature and circumstances of the childhood wounds shaping your life today, and how to heal them.
Natal Chiron In The Houses
Chiron in a house reveals the nature and circumstances of your childhood wound, and how to heal.


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