Mars in Gemini -

Mars in Gemini

Switching Gears

Mars is actually very uncomfortable in Taurus, so all the signs will benefit from this week’s ingress into Gemini. Just think of the stereotypical bull – it takes a lot to get it going. Super calm and tolerant, munching away, just enjoying the green pasture, and maybe even a bit lazy sometimes, until it’s seriously goaded beyond repair. At that point, it just loses it. Irretrievably. It doesn’t matter who’s in front of it, they get impaled!

Mars in Gemini could not be any more different! It’s a lot of always-on-the-go energy. The problem is, it cannot stay focused either. Always ready to pounce, multitasking was invented by these guys, simultaneously talking, calling, podcasting, vlogging, DMing, posting on social media, and more. Arguing is a form of relaxation for these types. Words and curiosity are too exciting to let them pass. This placement can literally never sit still or sleep. And so, expect verbal outburst, arguments, lots of calls, and a general itchy finger when it comes to messaging in all its forms. And lots more pictures and videos from actual planet Mars, too. Have you been enjoying those? 

How will it manifest in your life? First, work out which house has Gemini in your chart, and then read a possible expression of this energy by house. Or get a reading focussed on Mars, to look at your specific charts, all the aspects Mars will make and what it all means.



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