Venus in Pisces -

Venus in Pisces


Happy, Happy Venus in Pisces!

We're now leaving behind much of the rigidity, edginess and headiness of the Aquarius stellium. Who's happy about this?

Venus crossing Pisces from today brings forth a gentleness, compassion and softness that we'd forgotten existed in us. The Goddess of Love loves Pisces. Here she functions more authentically, amplifying the romance, dreaminess and empathy that we all have in us. Feelings of tenderness and selflessness deepen and we ache with desire, nostalgia, big hearts and poetry. Feelings and emotions well up from deep within you.

You'll probably fall in love, over and over again, with everything beautiful you encounter.  You'll be looking at people and situations differently, with more understanding and appreciation. Even a small gesture will fill your heart with overwhelming gratitude and emotion. Your intuition increases as the human experience extends into all that is spiritual and artistic. Expect powerful messages in your dreams or simply in your heart.

Watch out for the propensity to look at life through rose colored glasses. Hearts can get broken more easily now. With all the longing and romantic ideals of this transit, it's easy to get carried away by our imagination and wishful thinking. Watch out also for the potential for addictive behaviour, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, lies, denial, delusions, deceit, and even self-deceit. Stay vigilant and ground yourself - not just spiritually, but also by surrounding yourself with rational friends that you can count on for clarity and as a sounding board.



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