Mercury In Gemini -

Chaos is the keyword for the next two months. With Neptune, the retrograde, plus the Gemini eclipses, our thoughts and words are likely to go into meltdown. Watch the video to find out why... And how to survive this period.

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, for three weeks each time. So, does it always cause mayhem in your comms and devices? Only if you have placements between the degrees it covers during the retrograde. This is because planets are at their strongest when they start and end their retrograde.

In 2021 all the retrogrades will be in Air signs, emphasizing a need to gain objectivity about what has happened to the World. In 2020 emotions (Mercury retrogrades in Water) ran strong. With Mercury spending more time in the Air signs, we should be able to discover, learn and integrate new ideas, philosophies and social energy. Our emotional attachments to entrenched ways of life will now be challenged by the need to look at things from a higher perspective.

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2021 Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • Between Jan 30th and Feb 21st, from 26° to 11° Aquarius
  • Between May 29th and Jun 22nd, from 24° to 16° Gemini – Extra important as it coincides with Eclipse Season.
  • Between Sep 27th and Oct 18th, from 25° to 10° Libra

Mercury in Gemini:

May 3rd to July 11th


June 10th (Solar Eclipse day)

Square Neptune:

  • May 21-24
  • June 3rd-7th
  • July 5th/6th


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