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Meanings of The Astrological Houses

First House

This is the most important house of all, and the one that requires your exact birth time. It defines your true horoscope and explains why generic horoscope columns do not work for you. It is also invaluable to understand how an eclipse or Saturn return is going to manifest in your life. The First House is your Personal Brand in the world. It governs your physical appearance, the image you portray, and the first impression you make on others. It also highlights your general style and direction in life. Any planet transiting here affects you on a very personal level — whether it’s your sense f self, experiences, feelings, or external events. It’s the battle of the ego versus others, of autonomy versus dependency, of following one’s path regardless of obstacles.

Second House

This is one of the career houses and rules your values, resources and material possessions. It describes your finances, personal belongings, spending habits, income sources, and your relationship to each of these. This house also governs how you feel about yourself, your sense of self-worth, your physical and psychological resources. Watch out for unexpected or significant expenses or windfalls when this house is activated by transit.

Third House

This is the house of communication in all its forms. It signifies your early education, your thinking and speaking style, your attitude to learning, emailing, texting, posting, talking, reading, as well as your siblings, and neighbours. Interestingly, it also rules your short-term priorities and your short trips including driving, your car and your commute. When this house is activated by transit, there is more communication exchange involved. You may hear from your network, or need to go on a trip, perhaps something you hadn’t planned.

Fourth House

This house represents your physical, historical and psychological roots. It is your home, past, childhood, family, family line, as well as your actual living situation. Are you planning to move, enhance, or renovate your place? Are you inspired to build stronger foundations for your life? This is what is activated by transits through the 4th house. This house also includes one the four angles – the vitally important IC or Imum Coeli.

Fifth House

The 5th house is all about love affairs, creativity, fertility, sex drive, dating, romance, fun, attention, and drama. It’s how we play and express our uniqueness and creativity. It’s also how we take care of number one. This is also the house of children and hobbies, so expect a lot of activity in these areas of your life when this house is activated.

Sixth House

This house rules your health, daily routine, work, and habits. It is about everything that makes up your wellbeing, be it physical or mental. As a career house, it indicates unequal relationships with colleagues and employees. A transit through this house could be a great time to check in with your doctor, revisit your fitness regime or optimize your work schedule. The sixth house also rules pets, so something could come up with them.

Seventh House

Another extremely important section of the horoscope, the 7th house marks the angle of the Descentdant. A transit here signifies events to do with your relationships — be it business or romantic. It’s also the house of contracts, mediators, diplomats, competitors, open enemies, buyers or sellers and your closest friend. Importantly, it also reveals your attitude towards and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Eighth House

This house rules joint finances, pensions, tax, loans and mortgages. It is also the house of deep, disturbing emotions, connections, intuition, metaphysical matters, and the game of power. Transits through it may surface concerns around what you need to feel financially secure and powerful. It marks a time of transformation, which is often accompanied by deep introspection, worry, stress, fear or anxiety.

Ninth House

This house looks to the long term, to meaning, purpose, and the big picture. Are you planning a trip abroad? Or re-visiting your philosophy of life? Perhaps you’re pondering on a higher course of study, or teaching, writing, publishing, marketing, or legal work. Whether of the body or the mind, transits through this house point to a desire for new horizons and more meaning in your life. They often indicate contact with foreign lands and cultures.

Tenth House

This is the most visible house highlighting your career, vocation, or status in the world. The all-important Midheaven or MC is the angle related to this house. Significant opportunities may present themselves during transits here. They could foreshadow career advancement, a change in your life path, or dealings with someone in a position of authority. There is renewed zeal in this area of life. Remember to schedule some downtime with family, too, when this happens.

Eleventh House

One of the luckiest houses in your chart, this is where your vision for the future is formed. It is related to your wider circle of friends or business network, or an organization or group you share similar interests with. It is one of those houses that focus on social and political themes, as well as the bigger picture. Your long-term aspirations may be revisited, or new ones formed, during transits here. Or quite simply you make new, like-minded friends.

Twelfth House

This is an introspective, reserved, spiritual house. Here we merge with the universe and the life beyond. Here we want to be alone, take a backseat, and focus on our inner life. Transits here may talk of psychotherapy, introspection, spirituality or suppressed emotions. For some it could foreshadow a time of seclusion, like in a hospital or prison. Not a place for high energy and action, but one for dreams, inspiration, diving into the subconscious, and recharging. Secrets may be revealed, and intuition heightened.