venus in leo

Venus in Leo

Bold, vibrant, and loud, Venus in Leo takes your ego and your heart to the next level. Treat yourself like royalty and dress like a king or a queen. Stand tall, become aware of your posture and walk with confidence. Gift yourself something special that makes you feel pampered. It’s time to shine, to wear warm bright colours and do anything playful and dramatic that makes you feel alive.

Venus in Leo asks you to put your passions and desires first. Focus on what you really appreciate, what makes you proud and brings you joy. The more you look for the things that are working in your life, the more you will find. This transit is about feeling loved and appreciated. Forget humility and keeping your head down. The ego and the heart rule this month.

Venus in Leo gives generously, but also demands attention and recognition. She attracts praise naturally. She is about pure confidence and dignity – you know you deserve the best, and that knowledge radiates outwards. If you’re not feeling proud or joyful, Venus in Leo can emphasize what’s missing. Rather than looking outside yourself, consider why you may feel less than loved or appreciated. Self-love is more powerful and unshakeable than anything others can provide. Accept and be proud of who you are and what you have to offer.

Venus is also about money and finances. In regal Leo, your expenses are likely to go up in pursuit of luxury, self-rewards, expensive presents, and getting pampered.

Do you know which of your astrological houses Venus is transiting at the moment? With her positive influence, this sector of your natal chart will get a boost this month, and be infused with a sense of joy, ease, and abundance. Similarly, any planets touched by transiting Venus will also get a clear uplift. Not sure about the effect on your personal chart? Feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about how Venus in Leo is likely to affect you personally.



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