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With the help of astrology, you can pursue better opportunities and satisfaction in a particular area of life over the next 12 months. Similarly, you can identify a location where you can shine if you move or holiday there, and discover whether the place you’d like to relocate to strenghtens or weakens your chances. Finally, with astrology you can also identify a lucky day for launching a business, getting married, going on a date or holiday, hosting a party or team building event. Wouldn’t that help you in life?

Just as the place where you were born has an impact on your personality and life events, so can the place where you live or spend your next birthday affect the quality of your life and year ahead. What if you could have a phenomenal year at work or in business, enjoy better health, or meet ‘the one’ during the next 12 months simply by choosing the right location to live, travel to for your birthday or start a new project or partnership? Astrology can help!

This hacking of your horoscope is called Active Astrology, and includes relocated Solar Returns, astro-cartography, relocation charts, “elections” of a lucky day and time, and travel advice in general. 

Book a life hacks consultation with me if you would like to:

  • Improve your chances in a particular area of life for the next 12 months
  • Choose a place to live that brings out certain traits in you and better opportunities in your life
  • Select the optimal date for a business launch, wedding, contract, team building event, party, etc.

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