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Jupiter Through The Houses

The Greater Benefic

Jupiter is Vision, Hope and Meaning. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, aiming higher and enjoying life. When it connects with your natal placements, it brings joy, optimism and self-belief to a particular sphere of your life. Here you will feel lucky and blessed, ready to take risks, with opportunities knocking on your door.

Jupiter can also strengthen or renew your faith, spirituality, and sense of purpose, a desire for more learning and teaching others.

First and foremost, however, Jupiter is the cosmic magnifier, inflating whatever it touches; sometimes, too much of a good thing may prove counterproductive; at other times, with the wrong attitude, its transits may pass you by without much of a look.

The Sky God

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus, brother of Pluto and Neptune, who each ruled one of the three realms. While Pluto rules the underworld, and Neptune the oceans, Jupiter rules the sky. In fact, his name actually means Sky Father, as he is the god of the sky and thunder, his symbols being the thunderbolt and the eagle.

The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus was the most important in Ancient Rome, and symbolized the empire’s sovereignty and immortality. Jupiter was the protecting deity of Ancient Rome. His worship spread over the whole empire.

Jupiter provided protection and morality a code of honour (pietas) toward gods, state, and family. Marriage oaths were made with his priests present. His eagle in Roman standards represented courage, superiority and immortality.

He was famous for his wandering eye and excesses, and fathered many lesser gods and semi-gods.

Key Themes

  • Growth, expansion, luck, abundance, wealth, success, courage
  • Protection, healing, optimism, joy, happiness, humour, generosity, benevolence, confidence
  • Faith, spirituality, religion, morality, wisdom, justice, honesty
  • Knowledge, understanding, learning, big picture
  • Exploration, experiencing, looking up, seeking more, taking risks
  • Overpromising, underdelivering, inflation, exaggeration
  • Judgemental, pompous, know-it-all, missing the detail, lacking substance, misjudging, blunt
  • Decadent, excessive, over-eating, over-drinking, over-consuming, irresponsible, lazy, overconfident, overspending, unruly

First House

Congratulations! You’ve just entered one of the most magical times of your life! This is a period during which you need to make the most of the opportunities that cross your path. New ideas abound, your priorities are shifting, and you have a strong desire to do what is right by you. Your health and happiness are likely to improve. Generally speaking, this is a time of greater optimism and self-confidence, during which you feel energized about your goals. You have a more positive presence and an ability to inspire others. You are likely to become more aware of what helps you feel personally fulfilled in life. Opportunities to express your true self are likely to abound. Higher learning, teaching, public speaking or travelling to foreign lands are encouraged.

Second House

Abundance rains on your resources this year! You are likely to enjoy an increased sense of self-esteem and resourcefulness. You feel more resilient and capable, regardless of what life throws at you. One of your greatest assets is your faith and optimism during this period. You may also receive a boost in your personal income during this period. As money flows more readily, the key is to ensure that you spend wisely. Lady luck is on your side, but money is just as likely to slip through your fingers, so try not to overdo it. At the same time, it is important to take advantage of the good times, as they can be very lucrative for you. This year may help you lay solid foundations for your financial future.

Third House

During this period you are likely to expand your outlook on life and receive a mental boost. Just when you thought you understood your own mind and other people, you are now urged to discover new ways of comprehending many matters. Specifically, you may learn a new skill, take up writing or advocacy, or join neighbourhood groups. You may even journey to a new area. This is a time of growth and learning. Siblings may also feature during this period, as you discover new dimensions of relating to your relatives. Other people may travel out of your environment prompting a new way of viewing your life. This is a beneficial period for anything that helps you rise above your concerns and worries, and adopt a more positive attitude to life.

Fourth House

A year of deep healing for you! Your sense and experience of comfort – be it physical or psychological – increase during this period. Your sense of belonging, of home and family are likely to flourish during Jupiter’s transit through your 4th House. You may feel like expanding your home, moving to a new and better home, renovating, or simply moving to larger, more open spaces. You cherish the time spent with your family, and may welcome new members through the birth of a baby or a marriage. This is a time of increased contentment during which you can sit back and take a more philosophical approach to life.

Fifth House

You are in for fun-filled times! The time has come for taking better care of your needs. You now begin to search for ways to expand your creative self-expression, as the playful side of your nature comes to the fore. You may spend more time with young children, who are always ready to play, or enjoy more romance and discover new hobbies. You crave the freedom to express your sense of fun and creativity. More so than ever, you are ready to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or planning for the future. You seek activities, people and projects that bring vitality and contentment.

Sixth House

This is a year of increased enthusiasm at work, and in your health and daily routine. Self-development takes centre-stage, and opportunities open up at work or the gym. Now you are able to put into action all the plans that you have had for a change of diet, exercise program and new work practices. Your co-workers become more important during this period, either because you enjoy their company more or they may act as the conduit for new exciting contacts. It is also possible that you begin to become conscious of some of your bad habits or health symptoms that had previously escaped your notice. Now is the time to implement new rhythms and a healthier lifestyle. Have you considered getting a pet?

Seventh House

Welcome to one of the most thrilling times in your life for relationships and partnerships! Right now you have the confidence to attract positive and beneficial people into your world. Lady luck is smiling at you during this period. Anyone you sign a contract or enter into partnership with is likely to bring you good fortune. If you are not already in a relationship, you may meet someone who has an uplifting effect on your life. It is through your close associations with other people that you are likely to grow and expand in pretty much all sectors of your life. You may also form a partnership with someone from a foreign land, a higher status or a different cultural background. During this period it is important to remain open to new possibilities of growth through partnership.

Eighth House

Enjoy an increased sense of well-being emotionally and financially this year! As the planet Jupiter moves through your 8th House, life really starts to become prosperous and rewarding when you join your resources with someone else, either through marriage or through a business venture. Increased financial comfort can expand your opportunities for travel, study and improving your mind. Sound investments can bring big rewards, but constantly taking risks without stabilising your fortunes can result in losses. More literally, it is also possible that you may receive a gift, inheritance or windfall. Metaphysical matters may also appeal as you enjoy delving into the meaning of life, cycles and other mysteries.

Ninth House

What a dazzling adventure this year promises to be for you! Life takes an upward turn during this period. In some ways you may be on a search for the meaning of life, and your quest for answers could lead to the fields of philosophy or religion. As your attitude opens up, you are eager to experience new things through study, teaching and travel. Your horizons broaden during this period. People from foreign lands, or alternative cultures or philosophies, may influence you and broaden your mind. You are more lighthearted and accepting of people with different points of view. Your beliefs broaden and therefore you are more tolerant of yourself and others.

Tenth House

Welcome to the limelight! During this time you are likely to seek greater satisfaction from your chosen career or public life.. As a result you may seek and gain promotion, win awards, travel with your work, change jobs, or have the opportunity for further study to enhance your career. It is also possible that you take on a teaching or training role during this time. On the whole, you seek more meaning and purpose. In the words of Earl Nightingale, “We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.”

Eleventh House

This is an especially lucky position, as Jupiter loves the 11th house! Your social circle is likely to expand to include associations that hold meaning and purpose and add more depth and richness to your life. It is also possible that groups and clubs, particularly humanitarian groups, feature more strongly during this time. Or new inspiring or wealthy friends come your way. Your ability to reach out and form networks with others increases, and benefits you in many ways. You become clearer about the purpose of friendship and how it can support your hopes and wishes for the future. As Howard Schultz said, “When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”

Twelfth House

An angel is sitting on your shoulder! No matter what happens during this period, you are likely to be well looked after. Personally, you are now on a quest to seek meaning in life from deep within yourself during this period. It is time to re-charge your batteries quietly behind the scenes, rather than seek the limelight. Recognition will come later. Now is the time to reflect. You may feel an urge to be of service to humanity. For instance, you may seek volunteer work or land a position in a charitable institution. On the other hand you may seek more meaning in your daily work, your friendships and your associations with relatives and loved ones. Therapy and spiritual healing will transform your life at this time, if you so choose. Your intuition is heightened.



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