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Mars in Gemini

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What can we expect from Mars in Gemini? Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on 4th March 2021. It stays in the sign until 23rd April.

Saturn Contacts With Mars

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Saturn/Mars combinations are one of the toughest energies to navigate. This year they are at odds with each other from feisty Aries and unshakeable Capricorn. It’s a stalemate. It’s a brick wall. How is it affecting you? Read a classic excerpt from Erin Sullivan. Repost from 2019.

Mars Through The Houses

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Mars in Aries is incandescent, passionate, independent, and reckless. What does its passage through your natal chart mean?

Mars Transits Through The Houses

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Mars through Capricorn is always a big deal, but rarely more than this year. Find out why, and how it will affect you by house transit.