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I am a Professional Astrologer and Educator

Professional astrology is your ally if you would like to level up your life.

It’s unparalleled to gain an edge over life, set yourself up for success, make better decisions, achieve the results you crave.

Ways I Can Help

As a professional astrologer of over twenty years and with a vast arsenal of tools and techniques under my belt, there is no topic I haven’t covered in my work. Love, career, family, big purchases, contracts, forks in the road, lost items, lack of clarity, lack of trust – I can help you with all of these. I can bring you clarity and show you the keys to get unstuck. All I need is a good, open conversation with you to understand your situation and tailor my approach to your specific needs.

My clients say I’m wise, friendly and compassionate. And remarkably accurate. Is this what you are after?