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Live Readings

Gain clarity and perspective on people, situations and opportunities

My name is Marilena and I'm a professional astrologer with formal training and many years of experience. I can help you get clarity in your life, relationship dynamics and career.

My astrology readings can be a powerful tool in your private or business life. A one-to-one consultation can provide you with:

  • Answers to burning questions
  • Deep insights into your needs and wants
  • Understanding of the past and key trends of the future
  • An understanding of your romantic partner and the dynamics behind the relationship
  • The optimal times for all your endeavours, for example, when to get married (so important!), buy a house or car, get a pet, apply for a job, launch a book or website, take an exam, give a talk, throw a party, and even go on vacation (incl. where)

Written Reports

Personality, Potential, Trends, Love,

Quite simply the best and most accurate out there. Get clarity on love, your personality, talents, wounds, children, and discover the trends for your future.

Tailor made for you, they are ideal as a present - whether for yourself or somebody else. They are a lasting memento that you can go back to again and again. Monthly Lunar Return reports also available.

People love them! Check out my feedback on social media!


Talks and Events

Public talks and workshops


Free Charts & Resources

Learn from a pro

If you know me, you'll know I just luuuurve giving away FREE RESOURCES!

Calculate your natal chart, discover your natal Moon phase, or calculate which house a planet is transiting!

Additionally, why not read some of my most popular blog posts, such as The Full Moon Through The Houses, The New Moon Through The Houses, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter Through The Houses, or Mars Through Capricorn? Very informative!


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Miss @SparkAstrology did an astrological consultation for me and I must say, she read me like a book

I fancy myself to be an astrologer, however she impressed me.

She knows what she's talking about and she is worth the money.

On the line is the improvement of the quality of life.

Brent S

Really brilliant lady with a fantastic talent for reading into the stars and planets.

I could completely relate to everything she said in my consultation! Really worth doing X

Leah-May S

A huge thank you to Marilena at @SparkAstrology for her brilliant natal report written for the boy. Reading this report felt like a family member writing, she knew him so well! My Daughter was thrilled and a bit tearful it was so wonderfully him

Tricia J



@SparkAstrology you are awesome at your job, everything you told me makes complete sense and will help me greatly on my journey through life.

Reece Gibson

I love using SparkAstrology. The readings I have had have so far made me think so much more about things and reminded me that certain situations have other influences. Sometimes it's nice to have that extra reassurance that the universe is on your side. I would recommend SparkAstrology to anyone who wants to get to know a bit more about themselves and what's happening out there for them.

Liz G

If you are looking for an informative, holistic consultation for your birth chart, I am so happy to recommend @SparkAstrology_com! I had my reading a few weeks ago and I still have everything swirling around in my head from the reading!

If you are interested in knowing your chart fully and free of conflicting information - I found my consultation REALLY helped me.

Kate E



Your enormous knowledge in astrology combined with your humbleness and open minded spirit is rare to find these days.

You are a real inspiration to me. Thanks.

Sujay R

This sign-by-sign breakdown from @SparkAstrology was so spot on that I had to get a Year Ahead Report. Well worth it! Much appreciation!

Joanne C

Just wanted to give a shout out to @SparkAstrology.... anyone looking to get their Solar Return chart done, get one from her. It's incredibly detailed and full of helpful insights, and she gets it to you rather quickly!

Kirsten W

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