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This option allows us to pinpoint your exact Ascendant degree and therefore birth time, if you cannot access it from a reliable source.

Rectification is an astrological investigation on your birth chart based on the important events that have shaped your life. It connects life data with celestial events. The types of events that help with the investigation include:

  • Job/Career
  • Relationships
  • Moved in with adopted parents
  • Started school/university
  • Met someone special
  • Moved in together with significant other
  • Moved house / country
  • Graduated
  • Huge promotion/award/mention/recognition
  • Inheritance / won money
  • Lost somebody important
  • Had an accident/illness
  • Bought/sold house
  • Started important job
  • Became a parent

For that, you will need to be comfortable sharing personal information with me. I will need a list of important life events (I will send you a form to complete in your own time), their description, how you experienced them and when they happened. I will also need to ask you a few additional questions on a video call.

To book a rectification with me, please:

  1. Click Add to Cart above and complete the purchase
  2. Choose a date and time for our exploratory Zoom session in my calendar (please make a note of the order number)
  3. Answer the questions in the document linked to in the invoice
Gift card option available

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Hugh C
Marilena will not disappoint.

I had a reading a year ago. Although Marilena came highly recommended she made preposterous claims of the coming year with regard to specifically things that were coming my way. Craziness!!

Yeah...well sure, craziness, but also entirely bang-on. Her incisive analysis into 2021 had me come back for 2022 and again, given what's already come I am ready for what's next knowing that I can go back to the video replay she provided and get more tidbits.

Seriously - astrology is a thing that was...there, I never really put that much stock in it. Don't make my mistake - book a session now!

Susan B

Marilena rectified my chart and identified my exact birth time, MC, IC, Ascendant and Descendant etc. She explained her methods for arriving at the birth time, which totally made sense, and very kindly answered my questions about my chart as a whole. She was clearly very knowledgeable and had considerable expertise as an astrologer and it was a delight to engage with her. Anyone wanting clarity regarding their chart and looking to have their chart rectified should look no further - Marilena will enlighten them and give them the accurate information they need to better understand their placements.

Simply Amazing!

I can not begin to express my gratitude for your time, talent, and all of the hope and inspiration you provided during my consultation with you for the upcoming year.
As many people living through this pandemic, I've struggled and lost part of myself. YOU have restored my hope and optimism and now I look forward to tomorrow and this year. Please keep doing what you're doing. You make a difference in people's lives too, I know you have certainly made a difference in mine. Thank you! I look forward to reading with you again in 2023 :) AMAZING!
XOXO, Alexandria

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