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Astrology is real.

It is a vast and ancient discipline dating back over five thousand years and practised by some of the greatest minds in history. Plato, Newton, Galileo, Bruno, Kepler, and Jung, for example, were all great practitioners and proponents of astrology. With an impressive body of knowledge developed across time, civilisations, and continents, astrology studies the relationship between planets and life on Earth. At the core of astrology is the millennia-old observation of the effects that planetary energies in particular combinations have on humans, animals, objects, and communities. As a tool,  it can provide powerful insights into ourselves, others, our past, and the world at large, and arm us with the right tools and knowledge to tackle significant life challenges and present-day anxieties.

Astrology is increasingly a source of comfort for young people, according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“For those who feel alienated by institutional religions, certain types of spiritual awareness and astrology can offer an alternative. People are framing morals set forth by religion in a way that feels more accessible and relevant to their lives. Astrology, for example, does not overtly punish or judge. It does not categorise certain emotions or personality traits as “good” or “bad”. It merely notes where they can be useful, and where they might be a weakness depending on the individual.”


“By giving us different points of view, we can choose to take that information and ask ourselves hard questions – about our future, our relationships, our work – in ways that would have been more difficult if we were addressing them in the brutally logical, binary way our society  encourages us to.”

Astrology is probabilistic in nature, and as such it cannot tell you exactly what is going to happen or what to do. The specific alignment between planets at any particular time and place is unique and affects everyone differently. An astrology reading of your unique birth chart – your very own astrological signature – can be a powerful game changer in your life, whether you’re striving for professional success, a more rewarding relationship, or personal growth. Knowing the influences at the time and place of your birth provides a blueprint of your psyche, revealing your soul’s needs, strengths, motivations, potentials, and fears. Similarly, knowing the astrological trends at set times during your lives enables you to embrace decisions, attitudes, and approaches that can propel you forward and allow you to seize opportunities for growth, recognition, and self-fulfilment.

Where doubt, fear and hesitation may be paralysing us, astrology can validate our experience, offer a wider perspective on the situation, and show us probable ways forward to great effect. There is always opportunity, even in the darkest hour. Knowing how a particular planetary cycle is likely to unfold can completely transform how we perceive and manage these events, and empower us with a sense of possibilities and strength to tackle anything life may throw at us.

Astrological influences also affect not just people, but the very world around us. Politics, the collective mind, the environment, finance, fashion, and the arts are all subject to key planetary cycles and recurring themes that shape the world in patterns repeated over years, decades, and even centuries. Being aware of these patterns allows us to navigate our way through them and prepares us for events that may well be outside of our control. Having alternative ways to interpret an increasingly unstable, uncertain world can offer reassurances, and help us feel part of a wider community of people facing similar fears.

We do have a choice in how we respond to these influences, as we do any experience in our lives. Knowing the tendencies and qualities of a particular planetary cycle can help us become more conscious in our choices about how to exploit and respond to those influences.  Just like with weather forecasts, wouldn’t you prefer to know if it is likely to rain, so that you can pack your umbrella in advance to avoid disappointment? The decision whether to go out with an umbrella or not remains yours.

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