Why Astrology is Making A Comeback

Astrology is increasingly a source of comfort for young people, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“For those who feel alienated by institutional religions, certain types of spiritual awareness and astrology can offer an alternative. People are framing morals set forth by religion in a way that feels more accessible and relevant to their lives. Astrology, for example, does not overtly punish or judge. It does not categorise certain emotions or personality traits as “good” or “bad”. It merely notes where they can be useful, and where they might be a weakness depending on the individual.”


“By giving us different points of view, we can choose to take that information and ask ourselves hard questions – about our future, our relationships, our work – in ways that would have been more difficult if we were addressing them in the brutally logical, binary way our society encourages us to.”

Is that how you would explain your interest in astrology? Let us know in the comments!



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