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Is There A Gap In Your Life?

Assessment taken on:

Wheel Submission No: #20998

Closing The Gap

Congratulations! The self-assessment you have just done is a tremendous tool to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Without a doubt, you now know if there is a gap between today and your aspirations. So all you have to do now is work out a strategy to get to destination.                                                      How do you feel about your life now as you look at your Life Wheel? Are there any surprises for you? Which of these categories would you most like to improve? What can most easily close this gap for you? Is it a What (a resource, a skill, etc.) or a Who (an expert) who can help you reach your goal most effectively? How long are you willing to give yourself to get there? Sometimes asking for help can shed years off your path.                                                                            If you would like to generate results in a particular area of your life, please get in touch for an astrology + life coaching package. I have been helping people break through fear and limitations for years, and my planning and execution skills have financed my life for decades. I can help you focus on what matters, overcome self-sabotage, plan for success, and expand beyond your comfort zone.