Uranus in Taurus

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What Do You Value?

Welcome to your new life! Uranus has just moved into Taurus, and some of us (me included!) are already sighing with relief. After eight, long, and difficult (because of the square to Pluto) years in Aries, the Cosmic Awakener has now decided it’s time for the fixed signs – Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius – to get their act together. And by the way, this lot doesn’t usually like change that much… By 2026, your life will be unrecognizable.

While in Aries the focus was on individuality, on your personal hero journey, in Taurus it’s all about values. Everything – from what you like, what you dislike, what attracts you or makes you attractive to others, what you need to feel secure, how you get pleasure out of life – will all be getting a radical makeover. On a more practical level, it’ll be your finances, your possessions, your creature comforts, your food, tangible objects, and your physical body. And all in pursuit of more authenticity.

What really matters is which house Uranus triggers in your chart, and whether it comes close to your personal placements. While the latter is a matter for a private reading, here’s how it will affect you based on your Ascendant or Rising sign. You can read the description for your Sun (star) sign if you don’t know your Ascendant (but it’s not as good). Or get a private consultation with me or a written report.

Get a private consultation with me or a written report.


Your values, finances, and sense of self-worth are experiencing a reboot. This is likely about your disposable income, with unexpected opportunities coming your way or a strong desire to increase your earnings and revolutionise how you make money. It could also signal an important new purchase or investment, or the discovery of a new money-making talent – perhaps technological – that you didn’t know you had. Be open to change in this sphere of life, novel approaches and solutions will be key to getting what you want. Be prepared for ups and downs in cash flow.


This is HUGE for you. All that is safe and familiar is subject to disruption. This can be quite disconcerting, as you feel a lack of a firm footing in life. Jobs, homes, families, relationships, finances or anything which adds to your sense of security are likely to undergo a revolutionary re-set as a new, more authentic You emerges. You are being shaken out of complacency and stagnation across all areas of life. The freedom to explore new frontiers and to engage in rebellious, self-expressive behaviour becomes irresistible, and relationships with those who support you in this sense will flourish. Because of Uranus’ tendency to uproot stuck, frustrated energy by challenging the foundations of your life, if you remain rigid and inflexible in the face of change you may have an especially difficult time with this planetary transit. There will be intolerance for old, limiting patterns of behaviour, circumstances, and beliefs, and a greater drive for autonomy, as the changes that occur force you to dive deep and connect with what you truly value in life.


You’re drawn to unusual experiences as you seek a more authentic inner life. Your curiosity for anything spiritual and the subconscious may take you down unconventional paths. A new perspective emerges around the intangibles of life. Shocking secrets may be revealed, flashes of brilliant insight revealed, and your intuition heightened to unnerving degrees. Dreams and the subconscious show where to find enlightenment and authenticity. Use this time to recharge your soul and release the uniqueness of your spirit. You can no longer ignore what is truly important for your evolutionary journey.


A new circle of friends or business network may present itself. It’s a good time to join a new organization or group. Established friendships may shift as you crave more authentic connections, spontaneous gatherings, and a new vision for your future. Your role within groups and organisations may change dramatically.


Big transformations are on the cards! What you have taken for granted until now in the area of work and home is undergoing a radical change. A desire for more independence or freedom may see you distance yourself from people and circumstances that do not suffice any longer. Responsibilities may feel stifling. Technology is likely to play a big part. Unusual or alternative career paths have a strong appeal. Uranus in your tenth house often points to sudden or unexpected career developments, a change in direction, a radical restructure, or somebody new and eccentric in a position of authority. Your vocation, and status in the world are about to be jolted out of complacency. The pull to start afresh is irresistible. Be prepared to be unprepared…


A revolution is imminent in your priorities and philosophy of life. What currently gives you meaning and purpose is not enough anymore. You may encounter somebody unconventional who inspires a new sense of adventure in you, and a very different path in your life. Maybe it’s an unexpected trip abroad, a new course of studies, the opportunity to write a book or teach. Whether of the body or the mind, you’re catapulted towards new horizons to help you pursue more meaning and authenticity in your life.


You crave financial independence and being debt-free. You seek novel ways to deal with joint finances, pensions, tax, loans and mortgages. Maybe an unusual person or unexpected event revolutionizes this area of your life. Maybe a partner’s finances change what is possible for you. Your values and ideas of intimacy and sexuality also get a radical shake up, while pursuing a more genuine connection. A new perspective on deep truths may offer a psychological breakthrough.


Big changes are on the cards! Your relationships — be it business or romantic — get the rollercoaster treatment. A desire for more independence and authenticity may see you distance yourself from people or responsibilities. You may be drawn to unusual or alternative people and circumstances. Relationships with a lot of space or an unconventional, independent partner may appear on the horizon. Perhaps it comes with an unusual setup, or with somebody eccentric. What you value and need in a relationship changes. The need to pull away is strong.


You’re ready to turn your daily grind upside down. You crave radical changes to your daily routine, both at work, home, and the gym. Your schedule becomes unpredictable. Surprise yourself – and those around you – by changing your habits or doing things differently. Make increasingly authentic, if unusual, health choices that are right for you. Alternative forms of treatment may appeal. Sudden and quirky events in this area may force change. With Uranus in the sixth house, surprises are likely with pets and colleagues or employees, too.


You crave more joie de vivre and fun in your life. Unexpected romance and a new attitude towards going out and pursuing your hobbies shock you. Your are attracted to unconventional people and past times. The urge to do something out of character is strong. Surprises are possible when it comes to children or a creative talent.


Big transformation is on the cards! The urge to change your living situation is strong. Is it time to downsize, move, renovate your place, or uproot your family? Are you inspired to build radically different foundations for your life? To revolutionise your work/life balance? You crave more spontaneity and freedom in your home life, and a novel relationship with your family. The urge to pull away is strong.


Time to revolutionize your priorities, with more focus on the here and now! Voicing your truth and sharing your ideas becomes an imperative. Perhaps you experience a breakthrough in communication. Or perhaps you simply start writing or speaking more, like a blog or video channel. You explore a new way of being heard and understood, one that helps you channel a more authentic and authoritative You. The pace of life accelerates for you and your immediate environment, like siblings, cousins, and neighbours. Unplanned trips are likely and your commute takes on an exotic flavour.

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