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The Full Moon Through The Houses

It's rare. It's spectacular. It's the Queen of Lunar Eclipses. Welcome to the first eclipse of 2018!

Making a grand entrance with not one but three astronomical phenomena at once — all explained in this NASA video — this eclipse reminds you that creativity, passion, and self-respect are non-negotiable. Forget humility and keeping your head down. The ego and the heart rule this new phase of your life. It's time to be bold and take charge of your life.Lunar eclipses signal that change is imminent for you. Like Full Moons, they are a culmination, a release, and an opportunity to close a chapter in your life and make space for something new. Unlike Full Moons, their effects last for six months or more, and pick up from where earlier eclipses left off — in this case the ones in early February and August 2017— in a crescendo of incremental changes.

Lunar eclipses are always emotionally supercharged. With the Moon under the spotlight, your sense of comfort, security, and belonging is challenged. Secrets, obsessions, unformed thoughts, unfathomable needs surge from the deep, carried by an emotional flood that always finds its way to the ocean. Pay attention to what is being stirred in the two weeks leading up to and following the eclipse. Write it down somewhere only you can read it. Take note of what your heart desires. Talk it through with a friend or counsellor. Pain is your soul's way to remind you to honour yourself.

With Leo, authenticity springs from a confident heart. Leos need to feel loved, valued, and supported; yet, their inner strength comes more from self-love and self-belief than from external acknowledgements. Strong in the awareness of their own greatness, there are no mountains too high or enemies too fierce. What would you do if you believed you could always win? We all need to learn this lesson from Leo during this eclipse. Don't be afraid of the emotions that are being stirred, or of losing something that has meant a lot for you until now. Trust that purging what isn't working anymore means making space for something new and exciting in your life.With Aquarius in the mix, this eclipse is not just about the individual. The Sun conjuncts Venus in the sign of the water bearer, which demands action in the sphere of equality and the rise of female consciousness at a global level. Jupiter in Scorpio has been broadcasting news of Hollywood sex abuse and male chauvinism in high-finance since last October. Their time is up. Real change starts now.

Falling as it does at 11°37 of Leo, this event will be felt most strongly by those with placements between 9° and 15° degrees of the fixed signs — Leo and Aquarius first and foremost, and less markedly by Taurus and Scorpio. Regardless of exact placements, look at the astrological house that contains 11°37 of Leo in your chart for an indication of the area of your life that will get a reboot.

First/Seventh House Axis

If the eclipse falls in your first or seventh house, it marks a culmination of experiences, feelings, or events that affect you on a very personal level. It’s the battle of the ego versus relationships, of autonomy versus dependency. You now feel the need to focus on yourself, whether in terms of looks, how you present yourself, the impact you make on others, or your general direction in life. Have you neglected your needs in favour of those of others recently? Have your priorities changed? Has a relationship or partnership come to a natural conclusion? What or who are you ready to let go of? How can your needs be met without clashing with those of somebody close to you? A major negotiation may be coming up. Or perhaps you or your relationship will get under the spotlight over the next few weeks. The challenge is finding a harmonious approach while still taking optimal care of yourself.

Second/Eighth House Axis

If the eclipse falls in your second or eighth house, you have strong feelings about intimacy, finances, and your sense of self-worth. A financial project or your earnings may have changed or fluctuated wildly, or you’ve just finished repaying a loan, your taxes, or made a big investment that matters to you. Maybe you’ve been re-assessing how secure you feel financially or in terms of inner resources. Does sharing with somebody else make you uncomfortable? Or perhaps what you value or what you own has come under the spotlight, and a deep transformation is now on the cards. In your search for the absolute truth, you’ve been asking yourself all the hard questions. Is the balance of give and take at an intimate level what you truly need? Somebody may be leaning on you for support, financial or otherwise. The challenge is taking care of your finances and those of your loved ones without turning them into an issue of power and control.

Third/Ninth House Axis

If the eclipse falls in your third or ninth house, the spotlight is on siblings, cousins, neighbours, as well as learning, beliefs, and travel. Perhaps you’ve had an argument, or you’re just fed up with all the calls and emails you’ve been getting from them. You’ve been pulled into too many directions at once, and everybody wants something of you. An important document could arrive, or you could be asked to run an unexpected errand or go on a trip. If you have legal dealings under way, there could be a complication, or a breakthrough. Your personal horizons may be tested now. Or you might be finishing a course of studies or a writing project. In any case, this is a good time to give voice to your feelings, beliefs, and philosophy of life. All of the attention you’ve had to give to mundane affairs has you hungering for meaning, purpose, and adventure.

Fourth/Tenth House Axis

If the eclipse falls in your fourth or tenth house, the spotlight is on the home, family, career, and reputation. Perhaps there is an imbalance between your work and your home life, between your private and public persona, or your family or work is taking up excessive mental energy. A major family rift might be healed, or perhaps work on your house is now complete. This sector also rules your roots, whether emotional, physical or psychological. You might have an important realization of what you truly need to feel safe and comfortable. There might be a breakthrough that gives you a strong sense of belonging, or that connects you with your family or ancestors. Or you might find yourself thrown into the limelight, with nowhere to hide. Career matters come to a head, with sudden changes of direction possible, culminations, or clashes with people in authority. You may be asked to take charge of an important situation.

Fifth/Eleventh House Axis

This is the axis of creativity, friends, groups, children, romance, and fun. Have you neglected these aspects of your life recently? Is it time to end a personal project, hobby or a fling? Or perhaps your relationship or personal project has reached new heights. Or it’s time for that special party or play that you’ve been planning for a while. The need for self-expression is strong, and you will not take no for an answer. The focus is on playing hard and having fun. Yet, your children or friends might be especially demanding at this time, and ‘me’-time might be non-existent, with repercussions on your sense of well-being. You might decide it’s time to move on from a friend or group, or join a new one that is more in synch with your intellectual, humanitarian or social aspirations. Your friendships might come under the spotlight, or you might have a great heart-to-heart with them that brings you closer together. Visions for your future might take centre stage now.

Sixth/Twelfth House Axis

The eclipse in the sixth or twelfth house highlights daily routine, health, work, and the mind-body connection. Your exercise routine and diet reach a new peak. Your dissatisfaction with your work conditions spills over. You might feel under the weather due to overwork at this time. You might get closure on a health problem or habit that you’ve been trying to break for a while. Or a work project might come to fruition. The sixth house also rules your pets, so something could come up with them. Your needs oscillate between order and chaos, cleanliness and contamination, detail and generalizations. You have an overwhelming need to be alone, and focus on your inner life. The time is ripe for some therapy, or to deal with suppressed emotions. Not a time for high energy and action, but one for dreams, inspiration, diving into the subconscious, and recharging.



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