Types of Astrological Consultations

We live in uncertain times. A professional astrologer can give you clarity and confidence in your next steps, and arm you with a broader perspective on challenges, the optimal timings for best results, and advice on how to benefit from any planetary cycle. Below are a selection of consultation options for you to choose from.

Consultations cost £60 for 60 minutes, £90 for 90. In addition to the specific technique requested (see below), each session includes personality and life trends, as well as current and forthcoming planetary cycles. Session recordings and PDFs of relevant material are provided post-consultation.

The Year Ahead — The Solar Return

Yearly ForecastWould you like to know how the year will play out? Are you worried about how external events may affect you and your loved ones? Let’s work together to identify and prepare you for the big astrological trends that will be affecting you and your initiatives in the coming weeks and months. Don’t let surprises overcome you; forge the best path forward.

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Optimum Timings — Electional Astrology

Event PlanningAvoid bumps in the road. Do you have a big event coming up? I can work with you to find the best timings for weddings, business and product launches, job applications, exams, contract signings – even holidays – to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Self-Discovery — Natal Astrology

Personal Astrological ReadingHe who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.
― Lao Tzu.

We all struggle sometimes to understand who we are. I can reveal your deepest motivations, needs, challenges, and talents. Imagine what possibilities gaining this validation and understanding will unlock for you!

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Relationships — Synastry Astrology

Relationships matter – trust this Libra to give you relationship advice! Improve your relationship with a family member, friend, or partner. Understand what’s driving their behaviour, overcome difficulties, or simply enjoy a more fulfilling home life. Please note: you’ll need their approval for me to look at their charts.

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Grow Your Career and Business — Business Astrology

business advice

Plan your next business move with success in mind. Best times for product launches, marketing campaigns, employee engagement, staff party, big presentations, award submission, etc. A favourite in high finance! Read more on Astrology for Business.

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Your Geo Map for Happiness and Success — Locational Astrology

Relocation ForecastAdvice on how you’re likely to experience various locations on Earth, including a breakdown of the best places to relocate to, to meet your aspirations and fulfil your potential. Avoid disappointments, or quite simply plan the holiday of a life time with astrology! Your personal astrological world map overlaid with planetary influences is provided as a PDF post-consultation.

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One Question — Horary Astrology

One Question Answer

Do you have a burning question you’d like answered? This is a popular option to get a straightforward answer when you just can’t make up your mind, or find something. Write down the time you first thought of it for best results.

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Astrologer For An Event

Astrologer for a PartyAre you looking to attract potential customers or plan a memorable party? I’m available for talks or just to offer astrological advice on the spot. Make your party or event truly memorable with an astrologer on site! Readings for you and your guests on a variety of topics. Your guests or customers will love me! 🙂 Contact me for details.

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Interested in an astrological consultation?

Contact Marilena to get personalized advice, understand the present, expand your awareness, and prepare for future opportunities. I can meet you either in person in London or remotely via video call. After your reading, you’ll receive a recording of the session, that you can go back to again and again.

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