Time to Buckle Up, Facebook?

Facebook article in IAM Infinity Astrology Magazine
Facebook article in IAM Infinity Astrology Magazine

Facebook is one of the most profitable organisations in the world, with over a billion users globally. But will it last? Revelations of gross misuse of personal data have shaken its foundations, threatening the downfall of one of the most powerful technology platforms in the world.

Here’s my article on the Facebook troubles, which was published in IAM Astrological Magazine in March 2018. Extremely well timed, it’s an exploration of the astrology behind Facebook’s success and the dramatic developments over the last year.

You can find it on page 91 of IAM18-The-Axion-Estin-Issue-March-April-2018-2 (attached here) or directly on the IAM website: https://infinityastrologicalmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/IAM18-The-Axion-Estin-Issue-March-April-2018-2.pdf

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