The Power of Ideas – Uranus Turns Direct

SparkAstrology Uranus DirectUranus turns direct on the 2nd of January. Change is now not only possible, but irresistible. Binding ties are severed, consequences cast aside, a new direction unavoidable.

Uranus is often a much-loved archetype in astrology. It is the hallmark of all that is new and wildly different during a given period. Its reputation as the “Cosmic Trickster”, the Awakener, the accelerator of thoughts and events, is unchallenged in astrology, as is its association with intellectual brilliance, cultural innovation, and technological invention.

With characteristics derived from the time of its discovery ‒ the English agrarian and industrial, and the American and French revolutions ‒ it is linked to all insurgences and innovations in society. It is the red pill in The Matrix ‒ once ingested, one begins to see the world in all its ugliness, as a prison wherein the individual is but a cog in the machine. Rejection and intolerance ensue, instigating an irrepressible need to act, with unorthodox and disruptive effects. Often the broken egg shells are in the realm of individual values and human emotions.

Uranus is much unlike Saturn. You never know what to expect. If Saturn reliably rewards hard work and punishes less responsible behaviour, Uranus can bring reversals of fortune, whether you deserve them or not, even if you’ve done everything by the book. Its unpredictability sits better with certain temperaments than others. Mindsets which are heavily fixed (strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio placements – less so Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus) tend to resist change, and therefore find Uranian energy especially challenging. People with watery charts are more likely to struggle with the extreme emotional upheavals it can bring about. On the other hand, the adaptability and curiosity typical of Air and Mutable placements (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, as well as Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) ensure that these individuals thrive when Uranus activates a key point in their charts.

Regardless of sign, Uranus transits on a natal placement always make us restless, intolerant, and on edge. We must be dissatisfied to begin with to want freedom and change. To understand how it will affect you personally, check which house has Aries – and specifically 24° – in your birth chart to get a sense of which sector of your life will get a boost. There will be an impulse to transform and revolutionize that part of your life. In Aries, Uranus is about daring to go solo in our hero journey, daring to assert ourselves, daring to do what is right, instead of putting others first.

However, its power is felt most strongly if you have natal planets or angles around 24° of the cardinals (♈, ♋, ♎, and ♑). If you experienced significant effects following last August’s eclipses (both of them with Uranus in the mix), you will likely get a second chance in the next few months, with the final hit expected in early 2019. By then, the vision will be crystal clear, and a new life direction fully under way.

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