Hold That Thought – The Gemini New Moon Through The Twelve Houses


The New Moon marks a new beginning in an endless cycle mimicking life itself. A powerful combination of the masculine (the Sun) and the feminine (the Moon), it stirs forces deep within, fusing conscious will with more instinctual, receptive, emotional needs. Like conception, it’s a highly fertile and creative time, yet the product of this union is undefined, incubating, steeped in darkness until later on. Often, by the end of the Moon cycle, you find yourself on a very different path to the one initially envisaged.

With today’s New Moon in Gemini, you’re probably conflicted about a serious decision in your life. You’re desperate to break free and move forward, yet the burden of responsibility weighs you down. Something is past its due date in your life, and you can’t decide whether or how to let it go.

What if it all goes wrong? Or something new comes up that you hadn’t envisaged? Can you afford to lose? Your mind is abuzz with questions and doubts. Today’s New Moon will help you unravel the strong emotions associated with this decision.

You’re eager to put actions into motion, perhaps with little care for the consequences. No need to rush into things. Tomorrow the landscape will start getting clearer, with goals, values and wants firmly on the horizon. A new phase of growth begins, a time when new plans start taking shape and life finally begins to move in the right direction.

As ever, look to where the New Moon or, in this case, 23° Gemini falls in your natal horoscope to understand which area of your life is particularly affected. In a personal reading we would expand this analysis to include interactions with many additional factors specific to you, however here’s a taster by house based on generic details.

First House / Gemini Ascendant

Your identity, personality, looks, and style are up for a reboot. Your finances and shared resources have also been challenging. Time to put together plans for a new you that cater for a more prosperous life.

Second house / Taurus Ascendant

Your values and finances are under question, due to significant home and career related developments. Your love life is also getting a makeover. Better to weigh your options carefully and follow a step-by-step plan, if you can wait.

Third House / Aries Ascendant

Your focus is now on communication, siblings, neighbours, and short trips. Pressure from work has left its mark recently; time for some me-time and lots of play with your tribe.

Fourth House / Pisces Ascendant

You’ve been appreciating time alone a lot more recently, with a strong need to unwind and recharge. Planning your creative and self-improvement projects works so much better from the comfort of your own home.

Fifth House / Aquarius Ascendant

You’re on fire right now, with lots of energy and not a little restlessness. Love is in the air, so plant the seed of romance or nurture a creative project.

Sixth House / Capricorn Ascendant

With increased responsibilities and deep transformation at a very personal level, your stress levels have been pretty high of late. Plan a healthy routine that will help maintain strength and flexibility.

Seventh House / Sagittarius Ascendant

Finances have been tough for you lately, especially in terms of your investments and joint resources. Time to plan for the future with a partner – business or otherwise. Your communication is at its strongest right now, yet make sure not too many feathers are ruffled.

Eight House / Scorpio Ascendant

Home, work, identity and relationships are all undergoing major shifts for you. This is your time to reflect on the transformation to date, and come up with a plan for joint investments and a deeper connection with significant people in your life.

Ninth House / Libra Ascendant

Home and career are equally intense for you at the moment. While hobbies and romance take up a lot of your energy this month, the focus for you remains on far-flung journeys – whether of the body or the mind. You crave more meaning and learning in your life.

Tenth House / Virgo Ascendant

Leisure time and romance have been challenging of late, with your health taking somewhat of a beating as a result. A plan is about to hatch that will see your career sky rocket. Remember to schedule some downtime, too.

Eleventh House / Leo Ascendant

You’ve had quite a ride in recent months, with dramatic turns of events at home, personally, in relationships and at work. Your love life suddenly gets a boost this month, and plans for more time with friends get under way. Expect more surprises in the next few weeks!

Twelfth House / Cancer Ascendant

Relationships have given you a hard time lately. This is a time to recharge and ponder on the deep transformation you’ve undergone.

As ever, please feel free to book a reading for more personalised advice.