Mercury Storm

The Mercury Storm

Get ready for the Mercury Storm! The planet of communication, the mind, short travel, and business is back in Leo, triggering the eclipse degree, conjunct Mars, trine Uranus, and preparing to turn direct! This is raw fire on a grand scale! Expect arrogance, displays of grandeur, misjudgements, and loud roars!

When Mercury switches signs, our style of communication and thinking takes on subtle changes that affect us all. Leo rules the Sun and the fifth house of the zodiac, urging us to focus more on self-expression, self-assertion, creative projects, entertainment, and romance. With so much Leo in the sky right now, we think, speak, and act like a General, charging for our ambitions, demanding recognition, and bull-dozing resistance. Our thoughts become fixed, stubborn, impulsive, and proud.

Siding with Mars and Uranus, and triggering the eclipse degree, this is an incendiary combination. What was started by the eclipse will now begin to unravel. Our minds are ready to fight and pounce on our prey, sure of ourselves and unafraid of the consequences. But with Mercury stationing direct, miscalculations are inevitable. We misjudge situations and jump to the wrong conclusions all too readily.

Best to bite your tongue or count to one hundred before speaking over the next few days. Check your emails for potentially confrontational statements. Get a second opinion or somebody else to check important documents before executing them. Even better, postpone any important decision until mid-to-late September, if possible. By that time, Mercury will be fully direct, and in analytical, conscientious Virgo (from September the 9th, 2018).

For the time being, why not enjoy the best that Leo can offer, instead? Warmth, joie de vivre, creativity, inspiration, generosity, magnanimity, and romance?

Check the house(s) Mercury is currently travelling through in your own natal chart, and if you have any natal planets or angles near 29° of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, to fully understand if and how it is impacting you personally.



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