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The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Goodbye Capricorn Years, Hello Future!


Welcome to your new life! This is truly the beginning of a new era, the likes of which we haven’t seen in hundreds of years. This is History In The Making.

This celestial conjunction of the two social planets is no small feat. Jupiter and Saturn get together every twenty years, and when they do, they birth a new vision and a new reality for humanity.

Apart from 1980, when they conjoined in Libra, they hadn’t been in Air since the XV century, when the endless quest for knowledge typical of this astrological element gave birth to the Renaissance. The submissive acceptance of a hierarchical, feudal world was replaced by independent universities, liberating exchanges with non-Western cultures, and the birth of Guthenberg, father of the printing press. The more recent conjunction in Libra, on the other hand, gave us nothing less than the internet, a new way of learning, expressing ourselves and connecting with others.

What will it bring now that we have eight more Air conjunctions, seven of which consecutive, over the next 180 years? Watch my latest video for indications of what we can expect in the immediate future. Beyond that, who knows? The sky is literally the limit…


Before we can celebrate this new age fully, we have a lot of cardinal energy still to work through, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Mars perfects a square to Pluto only hours after the Great Conjunction is exact, while the Sun and Mercury make their way through Capricorn. The season of the Sea Goat brings back the tense cardinal energy we’ve all got used to, with a mega-stellium in this Earth sign continuing well into January. It’s only when the focus shifts to Aquarius for all the personal planets that the new age can truly begin. Before that, we have to revist the lessons of the Capricorn years, not a small feat for any of us.


Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? I’ve been gathering the confidence to create more video content for a long time. I was terrified of the camera… I’ve now started enjoying the process, although I still have to perfect my filming style. Warning – you may occasionally feel sea-sick while watching my videos… Hope you’ll follow me there, too. I have so many wonderful plans!


Let’s leave the Capricorn years well and truly behind us, and instead embrace the Aquarian in all of us! With all this growth taking place personally and collectively, there’s never been a better time to learn astrology to transcend our difficult past. Let’s explore your childhood wounds together in my Chiron Masterclass. Chiron is an extra sensitive point in your chart, where emotional and energetic vulnerabilities abound. We will be looking at your Chiron placements, aspects, transits and life-defining moments such as the Chiron return. Hope you get much healing working on this special part of your chart!

Any questions or if you would like a reading, please feel free to get in touch.

Much love,

Marilena ✨✨✨

Saturn in Pisces by Zodiac Sign

Saturn is often feared in astrology. Are you afraid of Saturn in Pisces?

Saturn only just splashed into Pisces, and already these are some of the headlines:

  • Getty is already suing AI art generator tools.
  • Labour exploitation is known to be taking place in the TV and Movie industries.
  • 5 major oil and gas companies have been sued for causing climate change.
  • The UN High Seas treaty, aiming to help place 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, to safeguard and recuperate marine nature, was signed on March 5th, only 2 days before the ingress into Pisces
  • Indian pharmaceuticals under the spotlight for over 300 deaths due to poor quality control and safety data.

Marking our physical and psychological boundaries, Saturn represents everything of substance in our life, such as the bones, the teeth, the skin, the nails in our bodies. The foundations, the walls, the roofs in our houses. The borders, the rules, the discipline, the authorities, the hard work, the history and traditions in our world.

Saturn also gives structure to our experiences, and marks the frustrations, delays, endings, obstacles, shortcomings, and limitations in our lives. It holds us accountable for our actions and decisions, and either pushes us over the edge or encourages us to reverse the damage already done.

Watch this video breakdown by zodiac sign for hints and tips on what to expect from Saturn in Pisces, a transit lasting until 14th February 2026. This passage will be especially meaningful for those born with Saturn in the mutable signs – is this you? Check relevant dates below:

Saturn Return in Pisces




Saturn in Gemini




Saturn in Virgo




Saturn in Sagittarius




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