The Great Conjunction in Aquarius -

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Goodbye Capricorn Years, Hello Future!


Welcome to your new life! This is truly the beginning of a new era, the likes of which we haven’t seen in hundreds of years. This is History In The Making.

This celestial conjunction of the two social planets is no small feat. Jupiter and Saturn get together every twenty years, and when they do, they birth a new vision and a new reality for humanity.

Apart from 1980, when they conjoined in Libra, they hadn’t been in Air since the XV century, when the endless quest for knowledge typical of this astrological element gave birth to the Renaissance. The submissive acceptance of a hierarchical, feudal world was replaced by independent universities, liberating exchanges with non-Western cultures, and the birth of Guthenberg, father of the printing press. The more recent conjunction in Libra, on the other hand, gave us nothing less than the internet, a new way of learning, expressing ourselves and connecting with others.

What will it bring now that we have eight more Air conjunctions, seven of which consecutive, over the next 180 years? Watch my latest video for indications of what we can expect in the immediate future. Beyond that, who knows? The sky is literally the limit..


Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? I’ve been gathering the confidence to create more video content for a long time. I was terrified of the camera… I’ve now started enjoying the process, although I still have to perfect my filming style. Warning – you may occasionally feel sea-sick while watching my videos… Hope you’ll follow me there, too. I have so many wonderful plans!




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