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Spicer Not Dancing With The Stars

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“Sean Spicer has broken the cardinal rule: Never turn down money.”

This is how Mashable UK reported today’s news that Sean Spicer has turned down an offer to appear on Dancing With The Stars. Allegedly, Spicer has a full speaking calendar starting this Autumn. But is that all that there is to it? His astrology has the answer.

We don’t have Spicer’s birth time, unfortunately. However, his generic 12pm natal chart shows a suffocatingly close Sun/Pluto conjunction, topped by Moon in Scorpio, and a potential Moon/Mars square:

sean spicer chart

With a marked Plutonian overtone in his chart, Spicer does not take himself lightly. Regardless of his birth time, the self-flagellation is relentless with his Pluto and Sun placement at 29 degrees Virgo. This is a powerful degree, where the characteristics of a sign take on nuclear qualities. Virgo is uncompromisingly focused on perfection. Not  known for dealing with stress well, imperfections in himself and the world around him taunt Spicer. With such a strong Pluto signature in his chart, he is a man of absolutes, one who feels any real or alleged affront very deeply. His temper is volcanic, his capacity to forgive and let go non-existent, his expectations super-human, his loyalty unshakeable. The Moon/Mars square only makes his reactions more spontaneous, more emotional and difficult to manage. Power and control issues have plagued him through his entire lifetime, his strength tested to its limit, his obsessive thoughts given free rein. Unresolved, unconscious issues have shaped his every action, at times with self-destructive outcomes.

Would such a man be open to join a light-hearted show, where his public image could potentially be open to further ridicule by prying minds? A man defined by an irresistible urge for power, control, and privacy was never going to be swayed by money alone. I wouldn’t be surprised if his initial reaction was Over My Dead Body!

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