Solar Eclipse in Taurus -

What do you get when you mix

Pisces with Taurus?

I did warn you all in my yearly video that inflation would go sky high, and oil and gas would also be front and centre. When talking about the eclipses and Uranus in Taurus, food and agriculture were also mentioned. Both are all over the news these days, with prices for grains and commodities reaching a 50-year high as a consequence of the Ukrainian war.

In the next few hours the first eclipse of the season will take place in Taurus. The portal is already open. I know I may regret saying this later, but after the emotional overwhelm of so much Piscean energy, with Jupiter/Neptune and almost everything else in the sign recently, moving forward may not be such a bad idea after all…

Jupiter so far this year has magnified everything Neptune and Pisces stand for - loss, compassion, suffering, the emergence of legendary heroes, delusion, illusion, deceit, torrential rain in several countries, and of course the unstoppable conversation on oil and gas! Don’t know about you, but my heating bills have been through the roof this year! True to its nature, Jupiter has been hyping up the pride and the bluster, as well as the collective panic. In truth, things are likely not as good nor as bad as they seem. Only time will tell…

Venus, ruler of this Solar Eclipse in Taurus, is in Pisces, a sign she likes. She conjoins Jupiter today. The two benefics together can only be good, right? Have you heard of the saying ‘Too much of a good thing…?’ This might very well be the case right now. Besides, Venus is currently in her ‘warrior’ phase as a morning star. From this position, she will hardly seek harmony or compromise. But in Pisces she likes to dream, lose herself, and idolise. So, while we may soon have no money for essentials like energy and food, we have more freedom to move about, travel, and enjoy our excesses. Remember, this is a time of extreme illusion, so take extra care.

Uranus is of course in the driving seat of this eclipse, so close as it is to the Sun and Moon. Shocks and surprises have already rocked the technology sector, with Elon Musk’s announcement that he has bought twitter. With Uranus calling the shots, forget due diligence and political correctness. Musk has already mentioned that his goal is to promote free speech, and remove censorship. How Uranian is that?

Meanwhile, Saturn is at the ‘bends’ of the lunar nodes AKA square to them. This is one of the astrological signatures of 2022, and one which talks of much contraction - or as they call it, recession - globally. After the extremes of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, and the Uranian radicality of this eclipse, Saturn is here to offer a sobering look at reality, reign us back, make sure that we are careful as consequences are long term. You can read more in the intro article I wrote on the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses.

And of course, my New Moon through the houses article is always a good starting point to understand what sector of your life is being asked to step up this year.

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