The Saturn Square

Saturn Square


It’s a S Q U A R E. This means obstacles, delays, and brick walls. It peaks today. Give it a week and then it goes away. Also, the full moon is dramatic. And with Aries and Mars, impatient.

S L O W   D O W N…

In late June we also had an opposition between the Sun and Saturn; whatever happened at the time is now being asked to be refined. What happened back then?

Saturn always helps us to make necessary responsible and defining decisions. Trust its process, just don’t get caught up in its relentless self-doubt. Do not throw out all your work to date because of a single challenge. See it as an opportunity on your path. It’s a resilience test!

Ask yourself – is this the right decision that will serve me well for YEARS to come? Is this the responsible thing to do? Is this moving me closer to my goal? Be patient and objective. See your life from a greater perspective than just this little moment. These challenges will fade away soon, leaving behind clarity, and solid decisions

May the light in you keep shining in the darkness!

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