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When The Two Malefics Meet

Below is an excerpt from the insightful Saturn in Transit by Erin Sullivan.

In closing, please find my view on how this alignment manifests by natal house.

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"Mars the Roman god, has a more civilised persona than Ares the Greek, who was seven hundred feet tall, and appeared only during times of war, strife, and riots. By the time the Romans absorbed Mars into their mythology, the fertility aspect of Mars was highlighted. We have already seen that Saturn, too, became a bucolic, agrarian god in the Roman theocracy.

Both the Greek Ares with his warlike, raw, and unbound rages, and the Roman agriculture god, Mars, have some Saturnian qualities. The more primitive qualities are arrogance, political ambition, impulsive and self-serving traits, destructiveness, and a dramatic history involving the destruction and creation of civilisations. The positive attributes of both Mars and Saturn are drive, assertion, direction, cultivation, achievement of goals, and leadership abilities.

A meeting of Saturn to Mars can produce many contrary feelings, but they focus on issues that pertain to certain psychological polarities such as passivity and aggression, impulse and apathy, love and hate, energy and sloth, anger and depression, starting something new or staying exactly the same. When Saturn contacts Mars, a conflict of needs arises, and Mars battles the walls of Saturn while Saturn resists the raw impulse from Mars. It is potential for burnout, but only if the aspect follows a long period of unsatisfying activity.

Burnout occurs when we have been suppressing spontaneity in favour of ambition. We might think we are being terribly responsible and effective, working night and day to achieve a goal, but not allowing the playful side of our nature to express. Stress and burnout can be a result of a fated situation, for instance, having to endure a long and stressful experience simply because it must be done. The result of suppressing and containing natural, impulsive behaviour is a low-grade rage. The form of anger of Mars-Saturn combinations can emerge in one of two ways - explosion or depression.

A sextile or trine to Mars brings maturity and stability to the hot energy that is so volatile. Saturn-Mars can create enduring situations. We can use the transit effectively by initiating projects that will abide. We can lay the groundwork for long range goals and find that it is not only possible, but enjoyable, to apply ourselves diligently. More often than not, Saturn contacts to Mars bring with it lowering of libido - the life force. Keeping that in mind, energy conservation is important. If feelings of helplessness, apathy, and depression arise, it is nature's way of asking us to take some introspective time to reassess where our energy is directed. Mars is a natural and healthy planetary energy; if we had no Mars in the horoscope, we would not even be capable of getting out of bed in the morning!

If Mars has an arena in which to act out the natural dynamic aggression healthily, then it is an invaluable asset to creative living. A rampant Mars, projected outward, can actually attract aggression and violent experiences. If Mars is uncontained and unrealized - shadowed - then it projects itself out into the environment and we see it around us as angry people, accidents, rejection, and so on. We experience intense frustration when we attempt to push something further than it intends to go, and Saturn transiting Mars will highlight times when it is best to be cautious about expending more than our immediate energy allows.

Supportive aspects to Mars encourage one to get in touch with anger, to locate it and work it through. When transiting Saturn is trine or sextile Mars, we find ways to employ and exploit aggression, and focus it in on projects and to a healthy conclusion.

A frustrating situation in which we must learn control and how to contain impatience and anger. Part of Mars' instinct is directed toward survival. The instinctive urge for survival arises when our integrity is threatened. When an affront to our work, whereas with the squares or oppositions, we are more likely to encounter a sense of proportion, dignity, or fairness occurs, naturally we are enraged to some degree. The origin of this type of rage is a primal fear of extinction.

Anger arises as a natural defence against death - psychological or coporeal. This aspect has its transcendant function in that it moves us beyond the event and into the cosmic realm of all injustice, all outrage. This kind of contact with rage has alll the catalytic powers of transformation. We are forced by the necessity of survival to transfer the locus of anger from the personal to the transpersonal. Thus it can be the force behind social change or revolution and the call to collective work which has the interests and needs of humanity at the centre.

Mars can be the vehicle that helps the Self express its purpose, it is the first planet beyond the orbit of Earth and, as such, is the leading force in extraverted expression of the inner planets - the identity trinity of Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Mars externalizes and expresses identity. Saturn contacts to Mars brings acute awareness of our range of influence and power in the world; with a supportive aspect there is sustained energy and applied force with which we might execute our will with greater tenacity. When hard aspects are made, we encounter all that needs work, and often must learn to create in the face of adversity. Working through a hard aspect from Saturn ultimately lends a greater sense of our innate power, which becomes more tangible and useful for the future.

An increased awareness of friction goes along with this transit. Frustrations that occur in the course of an ordinary day can be magnified because we are more aware of control and repression. It is clearly a time when we are meant to be more introspective and aware of the subtlety of action, to be more circumspect and internally focussed about our desires. Cooperation between Mars and Saturn is fitful and sporadic, but when they do connect, we collude with the forces that have the power to create new civilisations. Mars' drive is tempered by Saturn in the trines and sextiles, allowing more productive and realistic avenues for expressing ambition and assertiveness. Though we still experience curtailed energy, it is with greater acceptance that we face the reality that omnipotence is not a mortal attribute."

Which house is this meeting taking place in your natal chart? The house placement is an indication of where the action is. Read below for a breakdown of which sphere of your life is likely to be affected.

First House

Assert yourself - but keep your friends, too...

Mars in the first house/on your ascendant affects you on a very personal level — whether it’s experiences, feelings, or external events. Your energy levels are sky-high. Enthusiasm, excitement and sexual magnetism are strong. It’s the battle of the ego versus others, of autonomy versus dependency, of following one’s path regardless of obstacles. The need to focus on yourself is now stronger, whether in terms of looks, how you present yourself, the impact you make on others, or your general direction in life. Your assertiveness and motivation reach new heights. New projects abound, your priorities are shifting, and you have a strong desire to do what is right by you. Watch out for increased impatience, irritability, and anger. Remember to breathe…

Second House

Watch your expenses!

With Mars in the second house, your values, finances, and sense of self-worth will be getting a lot of attention. This is likely about your disposable income and pursuing new earning opportunities. It usually signals new purchases or investments, and more often than not significant expenses. Be open to change in this sphere of life, ask yourself “how” questions to open the door to novel approaches and solutions, then plan a budget and follow it though to get what you want.

Your self-esteem is also set to improve as a result of your renewed determination.

Third House

Be extra careful when driving!

Your focus is now on communication, siblings, neighbours, and short trips. Perhaps you are pursuing more writing or speaking opportunities. Or you put a lot of energy into a particular exchange – written or spoken. You are more active with people in your immediate environment, such as siblings or neighbours. You may also decide to go on a trip, perhaps something you hadn’t planned. In all cases, you tend to express your ideas much more powerfully, which can work out well for you, although you need to watch the risk of coming across too strongly.

Fourth House

Get your DIY tools out!

Renewed activity in the home, family, or living situation. Your energy levels are sky-high. Enthusiasm, excitement and personal magnetism are strong. Are you planning to move, enhance, or renovate your place? Are you inspired to build stronger foundations for your life? Plans for a better work/life balance get under way. You may be required to spend more time with your family, maybe with your parents, with emotional exchanges and outbursts likely. Your gut feeling is also stronger at this time. Remember to breathe…

Fifth House


Love is in the air, so enjoy more opportunities for romance or a creative project. Enthusiasm, excitement and sexual magnetism are strong over the next few weeks. This is Me-Time for you. Taking care of Number One, going out and having fun, pursuing your interests are a priority for you right now. This is also the house of children and hobbies, so expect a lot of energy in these areas of your life.

Sixth House

Time to air your trainers!

Your health, daily routine, work, and habits are a source of irritation right now. Your wellbeing takes centre stage, be it physical or mental. Plan a healthy routine that will help maintain strength and flexibility. This could be a great time to start a fitness regime. The sixth house also rules pets and colleagues or employees, so some tension could come up with them.

Seventh House

Hot stuff!

Not a time to be alone, relationships — be it business or romantic — are heated up right now. Your energy levels are sky-high. Enthusiasm, excitement and sexual magnetism are strong. Passionate, explosive outbursts are likely from all sides. A new partnership may be on the horizon, either extremely hot or challenging. Contractual negotiations may be triggering you. Breathe deeply and take lots of cold showers…

Eighth House

Your money or... your partners'

Renewed vigour goes into joint finances, pensions, tax, loans and mortgages. Lots of work is needed in this area of life. This may be a good time to execute plans that provide more security for you and your loved ones. It’s a time of transformation, and sometimes this may prove difficult and intense, but worthwhile. Deep emotions and issues of power and control may come to the surface.

Ninth House

New Horizons

Are you planning a trip abroad? You’ll be putting a lot of energy into far-flung travel, or contact with foreign peoples/cultures. Also likely are a higher course of study, or teaching, writing, publishing, marketing, or legal work. Whether of the body or the mind, you crave new horizons to bring more meaning into your life.

Tenth House

Work! Work! Work!

Your career, vocation, or status in the world are likely to sky rocket, as you leave a mark in this area of your life. Your energy levels are sky-high. Enthusiasm, excitement and personal magnetism are strong. Significant opportunities may be within reach. Mars in your tenth house could foreshadow career advancement, a change in your life path, or clashes with somebody in a position of authority. You will be pursuing your goals with renewed energy. Remember to schedule some downtime with family, too…

Eleventh House

Join the Club!

Plans for more time with friends get under way. You’re on fire in your circle of friends or business network. You take the initiative significantly more, and may choose to do some physical activity together. This could also be a good time to join a sports club. You may feel more sociable and communicative, doing all it takes to pursue the bigger picture, and your hopes and wishes. Your long-term aspirations receive a push over the next few weeks.

Twelfth House


With low energy levels, you have an overwhelming need to be alone, take a backseat, and focus on personal matters. You have a strong urge to repress emotion and anger, but this approach may prove detrimental in the long run. Not a time for high energy and action, but one for dreams, inspiration, diving into the subconscious, and recharging. Secrets may be revealed, and intuition heightened. Use this time to recharge in preparation for more action when Mars changes sign.

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