Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo

Mars is raw, instinctive, powerful, masculine energy, motivating us to act, feeding us passions and desires. It gets us aroused and hot under the collar. Without Mars, we probably wouldn’t even get out of bed.

With Mars in Leo during the Leo and eclipse seasons, passions, drive, and ambition went into overdrive. The energy was often dramatic, incendiary, confrontational. It took no time at all to overreact to the smallest irritation. Often, though, it was a matter of principles that got us inflamed. We felt entitled and acted self-righteously. More positively, our courage and charisma became infectious, our dreams fired up, our capacity to shine amplified.

Virgo has a different focus. Without Virgo there would be no excellence. Cautious and meticulous to a tee, it seeks accuracy, facts, critical thinking, and practicality. We’re now heading into a more pragmatic, humble phase, pulsating with restless activity and dynamism. Being an Earth sign, there will be increased physical energy, and the desire to do things more conscientiously. We’ll now experience an urge to re-evaluate our daily rhythm, keen to reduce waste and increase productivity. Detailed work and service, day in, day out, will give us satisfaction. Be prepared for resistance and criticism from others. They may find our requests supercilious and overcomplicated. We may get frustrated with their lack of precision and appreciation for our work. Problems with machines and sharp instruments are also likely, so extra care should be taken when handling these.

Mars in Virgo is our best opportunity of the year to work on our health and daily routine. Concerns around fitness, health, and nutrition urge us to take action. At this point, cleansing and purification will be our one and only priority. With Neptune in opposition, however, burnout will hit us hard. Make sure you schedule a lot of downtime, and sleep a healthy number of hours every night.

As ever, check which house Virgo falls in your birth chart to get a sense of which sector of your life will get a boost. There will be an impulse to improve and actualize that part of your life. Also, you’re likely to feel its effects much more strongly if you have any natal planets or angles in the mutable signs. If you’re unsure and have questions or doubts, please feel free to get in touch.



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