Relationships, Renewals, and Revolutions – Cardinal T-Square

SparkAstrology Cardinal TSquareRelationships, Renewals, and Revolutions. This is what this morning’s cardinal t-square is all about. One of the most dynamic days this January, it’s time to carve out healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships, and re-assess our values and life path.

Issues of justice, fairness, and self-respect push us over the edge. Sometimes the kindest thing to do is to say no. Self-love equally means saying no if it isn’t right for us. Peace for peace’s sake is hardly worth fighting for; it erodes our self-esteem, and robs us of a chance at real happiness. What if there was a novel way to break the stalemate and honour who we are and what we want out of life? The solution lies deep within us, and requires ruthless honesty with ourselves and the courage to purge what no longer brings value.

Yet, knee-jerk reactions and overreactions are not the way out of this situation. Instead, ask yourself smart questions and keep an open mind. A realistic plan with measurable, incremental results is what’s really needed. Hard choices are often the only ones that ensure an easier life in the longer term. With a friendly sextile from Jupiter and Mars, also in place today, feelings of inner strength and positivity are guaranteed.

Are you in fighting spirit today?

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