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Quiz – How Chironic Are You?

"What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger."

So wrote Nietsche in 1888. He didn't know at the time, as Chiron was discovered in 1977, but he could as well be writing about this astrological archetype.

Discover how Chironic you are in my quiz to learn all there is to know about Chiron and your most life-defining wound - natally, by aspect and by transit.

Quiz: How Chironic are you?

The following quiz, inspired by Joyce Mason's Chiron Resonance Test, will reveal your emotional response to, and identification with, the traits that are associated with Chiron. It will highlight how far you are on your Chironic healing. It is also a fantastic tool to familiarize yourself with the Chiron archetype in astrology.

Just select any question that applies, and ignore the rest; click Submit when done.

You were abandoned, or have felt rejected emotionally by one or both of your parents
You have a birth or otherwise physical defect
You have a lingering imbalance in your life—whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual—with ongoing residual effects
The residual effect of the above is a source of chronic suffering or pain
You continue to work or function in spite of your chronic pain or discomfort
You have always felt the need to retreat into a "cave" or safe haven when you feel overwhelmed by the world, or you spent a lot of time alone as a child
You felt outcast and rejected by peers or your wider network as a child
You are a teacher or mentor or professional astrologer
Your practise in the medical, complementary, holistic, healing fields
Your help others and turn them into heroes or stars in some way
Others have always come to you for advice or counsel
You have overcome a problem or hurt in your life and made a career of helping others “in the same boat"
You feel neither here nor there, like you don’t fit in, yet you can “work the perimeter” of very different worlds
You are a weaver, someone who can take diverse ideas, artwork, talents—whatever—and stitch them into a tapestry of wholeness
Your intuition is strong, yet you are a logical person
You know how to find the silver lining, lessons, or good in all situations, and believe in the healing power of laughter
You feel a strong need to give back to the community
You often find yourself in the role of go-between or acting as a bridge between differing people or concepts
You resonate to the ideal of integration, whether cultural, racial or the integration of ideas
You are a composite being in some way, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, or bionic (mechanical body part replacements such as an artificial limb, knee)
It’s difficult to categorize you or “put you in a box,” you’re one of a kind
None of the above