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Quiz – How Chironic Are You?

So wrote Nietsche in 1888. He didn’t know at the time, as Chiron was discovered in 1977, but he could as well be writing about this astrological archetype.

Chiron speaks of childhood trauma that can result from anything that disrupts a child’s sense of self and safety. Fear and a sense of helplessness may carry over into adulthood and, if unresolved, may create energy blockages which cause psychological, emotional and physical distress.

The sound-bite definition for Chiron is that it represents the “wounded healer,” a term that originates in psychiatry where a wounded individual attempts to heal others. But that doesn’t really reflect the impetus that Chiron offers to heal the wounds of the soul. I see him more as a Soul Healer.

Chiron’s astrological role is to form a bridge between our human suffering and our divine blueprint – to aid us in processing and releasing the pain of the past so that we can be free. The glyph for Chiron looks like a key because Chiron represents the astrological key to becoming more spiritually embodied. Its natal house and aspects in your chart show where those deep wounds can be found, how to heal them, and how to help others with similar problems.

Learn more about Chiron – in general and in your life:

CHIRON-by house, sign and aspect
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Quiz: How Chironic Are You?
Chiron reveals the nature and circumstances of your childhood wounds shaping your life today, and how to heal them.
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